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Tempura Matsui- the best tempura in New York also has housemade udon and soba as well as a divine Matcha custard.

Tempura Matsui

Tempura Matsui- Best Tempura in New York Outside of Asia, I rarely go near Tempura, especially in most restaurants in the United States. In general, I rarely eat deep fried foods and on top of this, the off occasion when I decide to indulge, it
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Dina Yuen and the Per Se New York team with Chef Corey Chow- still one of the best restaurants in the world.

Per Se New York

Per Se New York- Best Restaurants in the World In its earliest days, Per Se was one of my favorite restaurants in the world, a place I was very fortunate to have frequented several times a month for a period of time. It was magical
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The Oxford Gastropub serves the best comfort food in Silicon Valley, melding the best of Britain and India in a charming, local watering hole.

The Oxford Gastropub

The Oxford Gastropub Sunnyvale is a small town that is home to many corporate titans of Silicon Valley yet most people in the world have never heard of it. On a smooth, traffic-free day it takes about 45 minutes from San Francisco proper. One would
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Of the best sushi restaurants in New York, Sushi Nakazawa solidifies its place in the Top 3 not just in NY but all of America. Trio of Tuna pictured here.

Sushi Nakazawa- Best Sushi Restaurants in New York

Sushi Nakazawa New York One of the best sushi restaurants in New York, really in all of America, Sushi Nakazawa is as good as it gets outside of Japan. Helmed by proprietor and Chef Daisuke Nakazawa who will forever be linked to the legendary Jiro
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PortaBella Restaurant Carmel - the best Italian restaurant in Carmel, perfect for romantic dinners, family brunch or even friends get togethers. So charming and great food.

PortaBella Restaurant- Best Italian Restaurant in Carmel

PortaBella Restaurant Carmel By The Sea- Best Italian Restaurant in Carmel As its name suggests, the best Italian restaurant in Carmel features a beautiful wooden door that transports you right into a Snow White fairy tale, complete with adorable flower pots, wrought iron trellises and
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The Plaza Food Hall- Best Places To Eat New York

The Plaza Food Hall- Best Places To Eat New York

The Plaza Food Hall- Best Places to Eat New York When thinking of the best places to eat in any city in the Western hemisphere, you probably wouldn’t think of a food hall nor would you think of a hotel. Unless you’re in Asia where
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Omakase Restaurant San Francisco- Nigiri Sushi credit Jeremy Chung

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco The mere term ‘omakase’ elicits images of fine Japanese establishments with revered masters behind wooden counters determining exactly what experience guests will encounter in that one moment in time. In the Western world, for better or worse, ‘omakase’ has become synonymous
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Via Quadronno- best Tiramisu in New York.

Via Quadronno- Most Charming Cafe in New York

Via Quadronno- Most Charming Cafe in New York  New York and Italy have always had a special relationship. Since the early 1900’s Italian immigrants steadily poured into New York, bringing their hopes and dreams for a better life along with Grandma’s recipes. As is the case
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Mina Test Kitchen Review- The Company's spectacular Dal with Papadum.

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company’s Indian Feast

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company Bar & Kitchen There are Indian entrepreneur-chefs and restaurateurs hell bent on changing the perception of Indian cuisine and the experience of dining in an Indian-centric establishment. I for one, am thrilled. Am I going to say “I told you
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Best Chefs in America- Srijith Gopinathan

Srijith Gopinathan

CHEF SRIJITH GOPINATHAN Dina’s Thoughts It’s been over four years since I first tasted Chef Sri’s cooking yet the memory of that first meal lingers in my mind as potently as spices permeating the air in an Indian kitchen. It was at Campton Place inside
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Simbal- Crispy Sweet Potato

Simbal Restaurant

Simbal- Best New Restaurant in LA It was one of my favorite chefs who told me to head to Simbal; James Beard Award winning Chef David Myers raved about his protegé Shawn Pham. Having long respected Myers’ palate and leadership at various restaurants, I made
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Luce Restaurant- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco with mouth watering food, sophisticated ambiance and top notch service.

Luce Restaurant

Luce Restaurant- Best Restaurants in San Francisco One aspect of the business that even the most luxurious of hotels struggle with in America is sustaining a signature restaurant that serves consistently excellent food with warm, genuine service while still offering some kind of value without
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The Conservatory Ritz Carlton- Best Restaurants SF Bay Area

The Conservatory Ritz Carlton- Best Restaurants SF Bay Area It’s no secret that I’m a staunch supporter of the Ritz Carlton brand; after all, I spent many of my best childhood moments at various Ritz Carlton hotels around the world. The emotional attachment to the
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Dosa Factory Restaurant- Best Indian Restaurant in Boston

Dosa Factory Restaurant- Best Indian Restaurant in Boston Anyone who has known me for over an hour would easily know that I have had a lifelong obsession and passion for India- the country, the food, the culture, the history. In my extensive travels in India
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Uni Sashimi Bar- Best Sashimi in Boston

Uni Sashimi Bar- Best Sashimi in Boston It is no secret that I’m a fan girl of Chef Ken Oringer’s. I think the man is one of the most brilliant chefs in America and I have yet to come across a restaurant of his that I
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Coppa Enoteca- Best Brunches in Boston

Coppa Enoteca- Best Brunches in Boston Anyone familiar with my culinary background will know that since childhood, I have loved eating and cooking both Asian and Italian food. If I could split myself between Asia and Italy, I would do it in a second. While
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Pabu Restaurant- Best Sushi in San Francisco hands down. Fish flown in from Japan every other day.

Pabu Restaurant

Pabu Restaurant- Best Sushi in San Francisco I have been to hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants in their early opening days. The two biggest noticeable problems facing new restaurants are typically that the wait staff is too flustered to be sincerely friendly and that food takes
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Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3- Best Restaurants in New York Serendipity- to make desirable discoveries by accident. It was over half a century ago when New York’s favorite café came to life and in all these years, Serendipity has evolved to become that place in the neighborhood where
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Mahesh Restaurant Mumbai

Mahesh Restaurant Mumbai- Best Seafood in Mumbai Mahesh is one of Mumbai’s favorite eateries with authentic Manglorean (south Indian) cuisine. This is a great place for a casual business lunch or for a relaxed dinner. The restaurant transforms itself from daytime business rush to evening chic
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Holding on to its years long designation as one of the best restaurants in Bali, Ku De Ta is still a favorite by locals and expats for great food and gorgeous setting.

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta- Best Restaurants in Bali Words fall short in attempting to describe the spectacular magnificence that is Bali’s Ku De Ta. This is not just one of my favorite restaurants in Bali; it’s everybody’s. Ku De Ta is open for every meal of
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La Cachette Bistro- Best French Bistro Los Angeles

La Cachette Bistro- Best French Bistro Los Angeles French country romantic is what guests can expect at La Cachette Bistro, otherwise known as The Hideaway. Aptly named, this Southern California jewel transports diners into foodie heaven with exceptional service and French and fusion cuisine unlike
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Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles

Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles I’m constantly in search of great sushi at affordable prices, but in Burbank, this can be tough to find. Nestled in the corner of San Fernando Boulevard and Orange Grove Avenue, Kabuki serves up mouth-watering fusion rolls and piping-hot ramen bowls
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Samrat Mumbai

Samrat Mumbai Do not let the fact that Samrat serves only vegetarian food scare you off. This is not your typical vegetarian restaurant with boring, bland food. Even people who are ardently against vegetarian cuisine frequent Samrat often; it is very popular with local office
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Nyonya Ali- authentic Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta where you'll eat like a real local.

Nyonya Ali

Nyonya Ali- Authentic Indonesian Restaurant in Jakarta In countries with long histories, eating is always a major part of the culture and we can expect to find fantastic dining experiences aplenty. Jakarta has its shares of the world’s culinary greats but we must dare to
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Fu Jia Lou

Fu Jia Lou- Best Restaurants in Beijing Fu Jia Lou is somewhat of an institution in Beijing and depending on which local you ask, opinions will be varied but definitely strong. Its specialty is old style Pekinese cuisine, the likes of which used to be
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Benu Restaurant- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco and consistently one of the top restaurants in the world, helmed by French Laundry alum Corey Lee.

Benu Restaurant- Best Restaurants San Francisco

Benu Restaurant- Best Restaurants San Francisco I had heard all the hype about Corey Lee from his days working as Thomas Keller’s right hand man at French Laundry. Call me a food snob but I’m never one to just believe what other critics and self-proclaimed
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The Hungry Cat- Best Restaurants Los Angeles

The Hungry Cat- Best Restaurants in Los Angeles Where to go for lunch or brunch in Los Angeles? If you’re looking for something more casual than the lavish spread at LA’s prolific hotels like Ritz Carlton, The Hungry Cat is a fantastic choice. Located right
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Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Ice Cream- Best Ice Cream in San Francisco When I first heard of this liquid nitrogen ice cream craze, like so many other food fads, I was unimpressed and just not all that excited. Ice cream is a subject near and dear to my
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Restaurant Gary Danko- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco.

Gary Danko

Gary Danko- One of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco There are moments in life that continue to shine on like glittering jewels in the dark recesses of our minds, long after they have passed. Often representing treasured memories with loved ones, those are happy
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Eating locally in Rome- Coppa Enoteca Corsi.

Enoteca Corsi

Enoteca Corsi- Best Restaurants in Rome Enoteca Corsi is one of Rome’s hole-in-the-wall eateries that locals patronize on a daily basis. A ‘wine cellar’, Enoteca is open for lunch everyday, specializing in home-style Italian cuisine and of course, wines. Here, it’s all about a casual
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One of the best restaurants in Napa, Celadon Napa has been the leader of excellence in cuisine and service for over 20 years.

Celadon Napa

Celadon Restaurant- One of The Best Restaurants in Napa Editor Update (2016): My former mentor, the wonderful Chef Greg Cole has sold Celadon to his General Manager who takes over this iconic restaurant, continuing Greg’s tradition of excellence in food and service. Executive Chef and
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La Cantinetta di Rignana

La Cantinetta di Rignana- Best Restaurants in Tuscany A rustic Italian trattorie, La Cantinetta di Rignana is set in the verdant countryside of the Chianti vineyards. Handmade pastas and roasted meats are the specialty here with fresh ingredients from the restaurant’s own farm. Service is
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Va de Vi

Va De Vi- Best Restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area The San Francisco bay area has long been a meccah for foodies around the world, beckoning both locals and visitors alike with its astounding array of highly rated restaurants. Only locals and frequent visitors would
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MV Ink

MV Ink Having won Top Chef Season 6, it came as no surprise that Chef Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant in Los Angeles was a highly anticipated debut with food critics and fans around the country eagerly waiting. Not being familiar with MV’s run on Top
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Cul De Sac- Best Restaurants in Rome, a neighborhood enoteca with classic Roman food.

Cul de Sac

Cul De Sac- Best Restaurants in Rome As one of the oldest and most popular enotecas in Rome, Cul de Sac is always crowded with mostly locals and tourists in the know. Specialties include typical Italian favorites, Mediterranean Cuisine and of course, every Italian wine
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Travelers’ Thali

The Best Indian Restaurant in Seattle- Travelers’ Thali It’s a well known fact among my family, friends and colleagues that I’ve had a long standing passion for India that borders on the obsessive and compulsive. My times spent across India through the years have become
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The Dhaba Mumbai

The Dhaba Mumbai Punjabi (north Indian) cuisine reigns supreme at The Dhaba, a favorite joint of locals in Mumbai. Flavors of each dish are pronounced here, as they should be, such that you can taste at least some, if not all of the major ingredients
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Chosun Galbee- Best Korean Restaurants in LA

Chosun Galbee

Chosun Galbee It’s a well known fact that America’s best Korean restaurants rest in the greater Los Angeles area, where a large Korean population exists. How then do we decipher what’s real and what passes as third or fourth generation recipes, catering to a more
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A family run ristorante, Da Delfina is definitely a contender for the best restaurant in Tuscany title.

Da Delfina

Da Delfina- Best Restaurant in Tuscany In the Tuscan countryside, a hidden gem that Florentines place on the “endangered list of authentic Italian restaurants,” Da Delfina is the epitome of what we travel to Italy for. Delfina (the restaurant is named after her) herself can
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Graziano’s- Best Argentinian Restaurant in Miami One of my favorite things to do in a city I’ve just moved to or am traveling to for the first few times is to seek the eateries that only locals go to, those hidden jewels that aren’t necessarily
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The Peninsula Lounge- Best Restaurants Chicago

The Peninsula Lounge- Best Restaurants Chicago While Chicago has its fair share of great eateries, there’s one place that puts all my hard work into perspective. When I sit in the Peninsula Chicago’s Lounge restaurant, sliding into a smooth, satiny chair, I immediately feel all
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Canlis- one of the best restaurants in Seattle has served die-hard fans for decades.


Canlis- Best Restaurants in Seattle After being an ardent fan of Canlis since my teenage years, I’m thrilled to finally be adding this one of a kind gem to AsianFusion’s list of Favorite Restaurants Around the World. I can think of no restaurant in America
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If you're looking for amazing desserts, baked goods and ice cream in Rome, Giolitti has the best gelato in Rome and has long been the go to parlor.

Giolitti Rome

Giolitti- Best Gelato in Rome In a classic setting, Giolitti has been one of Italy’s most beloved creameries, gelato cafes and bakeries since 1890. Giolitti has earned its loyal following of both locals and tourists alike with its outstanding selection of Italian gelatos and decadent
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Fasano Restaurant

Fasano Restaurant- Best Restaurants Sao Paolo Fasano, much like its owners (the Fasano family), has managed to create sophisticated and elegant warmth in what has become one of Sao Paolo’s most beloved restaurants. The Fasano family originally migrated from Italy to Brazil over one hundred
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Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA

Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA In cities across the globe that boast an ethnic town such as Chinatown, Koreatown or Little Italy, the restaurants of those “towns” are typically shunned by locals due to the fact that they tend to cater to tourists. Serving
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Rovers- Best Restaurants Seattle

Rovers- Best Restaurants Seattle Editor’s Note: Rovers Seattle is now closed but I’m still a huge fan of Chef Thierry Rautureau a.k.a. The Chef In the Hat. As of 2015, he has two other restaurants well worth checking out if you’re not already a fan.
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Caffe Abbracci

Caffe Abbracci- Best Restaurants in Miami When visiting Miami, there are a few key elements one should not miss. Going to the beach and sipping Cuban coffee are needless to say, part of Miami’s charm. After many trips to the Latin hotspot though, this spoiled
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Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant at The Commune by the Great Wall- Best Restaurants in Beijing To date, dining at the Courtyard Restaurant inside The Commune by the Great Wall hotel is one of the most unforgettable culinary experiences of my life. You may have come across other
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The Spice Route- Best Restaurants New Delhi

The Spice Route- Best Restaurants New Delhi Its rating as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by many international publications is no exaggeration. In the ever awe-inspiring Imperial Hotel in Delhi, The Spice Route lives up to its reputation. The menu is
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Kong Yiji- Best Restaurants Beijing

Kong Yiji- Best Restaurants Beijing Named after the protagonist in a Lu Xun (considered China’s father of modern literature) story, Kong Yiji boasts an elegant, old world charm with its wooden bookshelves and hanging calligraphy scrolls. A tall bamboo grove and pebble stone walkway immediately
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Shree Balaji Chaat- Best Street Food Delhi

Shree Balaji Chaat- Best Street Food Delhi Though India is home to many of the world’s finest and classiest restaurants, a true traveler and foodie cannot leave India without venturing through crowded, narrow streets with the alluring scent of frying ghee and steaming Masala Chai.
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Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern  I’m usually very weary of establishments that have anything to do with “American” food because I don’t really know what that means. Lucky for America, the brilliant Danny Meyer and his world-class team have given a tangible and lovable definition to that clichéd
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Clio Restaurant- Best Restaurants in Boston

Clio Restaurant- Best Restaurants in Boston Clio Restaurant with Chef Ken Oringer at the helm catapults Boston into world-class cuisine status. Here is a French restaurant with Japanese and fusion accents that defies all previous expectations or notions one might have. With classically beautiful beige
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