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Bringing luxurious Japanese bathing rituals back to women everywhere.
Calamari Salad
Calamari Salad
Spring has sprung (in most places) and it's time for a taste of light and spicy!
Avocado Ice Cream Sandwich
Avocado Ice Cream Sandwich
Is it too early for ice cream?! We say it's always time to scream for ice cream!

Skincare Solutions

If you're feeling like your skin is a little dry from winter or needs a powerful boost to get back its bright vibrancy, this at-home treatment is perfect for you.

Green Tea Detox Bath

Skip expensive spas and wellness centers and treat yourself to a DIY detox bath at home using ingredients you probably already have lying around.

Long-term Skincare

If you're looking for a serious solution to parched, dull skin, one of my all time favorite serums is the answer for you. It integrates traditional Asian ingredients with modern technological skincare advances.

Boston Eats

Best Restaurants In The World Check out one of my very favorite restaurants in Boston.

Incorporating Philanthropy

Kindness and compassion should be part of every corporation's spirit. Philanthropy should not be an afterthought in a corporation but instead, integrated into the very foundation of its vision and mission. We all understand that every corporation’s goal is to make money but as in human life, a corporation’s life should possess an altruistic attitude to improve the world in which it drew its first breath from, or at the very least, its immediate community.

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