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Best Chefs in America- Srijith Gopinathan

It’s been over four years since I first tasted Chef Sri’s cooking yet the memory of that first meal lingers in my mind as potently as spices permeating the air in an Indian kitchen. It was at Campton Place inside the Taj Hotel in San Francisco where I first became acquainted with Chef Sri and his unique brand of cuisine. It was love at first taste. [Read More]

8 Tips To A Less Stressed Life

Who in the modern world does not know the feeling of being stressed? Whatever your job may be, whatever level of income, wherever you live, you know exactly how it feels to have those moments in life when you feel out of control. [Read More]

Simbal- Crispy Sweet Potato

It was one of my favorite chefs who told me to head to Simbal; James Beard Award winning Chef David Myers raved about his protegé Shawn Pham. Having long respected Myers’ palate and leadership at various restaurants, I made sure to head straight for Simbal Restaurant on my latest trip to LA. [Read More]

Ritz Carlton Boston Commons- Best Hotel in Boston

It’s taken for granted perhaps, the high expectations we have when staying at any Ritz Carlton property. In a city as large and metropolitan as Boston though, finding consistency in quality and service is not always an easy task. [Read More]

Basil Shrimp Bites- easy shrimp recipe with fresh, vibrant flavors great for parties.

Inspired by Thailand’s colloquial Miang Kum appetizer where fresh, vibrant raw ingredients are wrapped in a spinach leaf and served with a sweet and savory sauce, I created these Basil Shrimp Bites. Very easy to make, this quick and easy shrimp recipe can be made ahead of time. It’s perfect for a flavorful dinner for one or two and easy to scale up for a large party. [Read More]

The Spice Route India- one of the best restaurants in New Delhi.

Its rating as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by many international publications is no exaggeration. In the ever awe-inspiring Imperial Hotel in Delhi, The Spice Route lives up to its reputation. The menu is a beautiful melange of Southeast Asian cuisine, showcasing flavors from India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia, with a strong emphasis on Thailand. [Read More]