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Dijon Maple Glazed Pork- Easy Pork Recipes

Using sweet maple and tangy Dijon mustard bring out the natural sweetness of white pork. This is a super easy and quick recipe that uses minimal oil and takes advantage of the convenience of pork chops that are already available in supermarkets cut to the right size. Using lean pork meat, we can create a lusciously flavored dish while still maintaining a proportionate intake of healthy proteins. [Read More]

Best Salt and Pepper Fish Recipe

One of my all time favorite dish to order at Chinese restaurants is Salt and Pepper Fish. Generally, I try to avoid eating fried foods but every now and then, who can resist a crispy, salty hot piece of fish? At home, I began getting requests from family and friends to make this fish dish and after several trials and errors, decided on my favorite Salt and Pepper Fish recipe that results in a nice, crunchy exterior without deep frying. [Read More]

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

All my life I’ve stood by the fact that I don’t have a sweet tooth the way many people I know do. That doesn’t mean however, that I don’t love desserts. What it does mean is that I don’t crave the mass produced ice creams, cakes and other confections that are available in markets around the world. I’m also not a fan of most bakeries and dessert eateries that specialize in cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and the like that are filled to the brim with sugar, sugar and more sugar. [Read More]

Best Anti Aging Creams- GM Collin Retinol Advanced+Matrixyl + Q10

What we have here with G.M. Collin’s Retinol Advanced Night Cream is the holy grail of anti-aging creams. While we’re sleeping, this potent cream is repairing environmental damage done to our skin during the day, it’s instantly hydrating (my skin was immediately softer upon first use), and over prolonged use… [Read More]

Easy Overnight Oats a.k.a. Bircher Muesli- the most nutritious, delicious and easiest breakfast ever.

Over the last few years, Overnight Oats has been a big thing on food blogs and picture-heavy social media site Pinterest. It seems like everyone who’s into breakfast has their own version of this nutritious, delicious dish and I’m throwing my hat in the ring. While Muesli itself has been around likely for centuries (with some forms existing far longer), the form of overnight oats we know today is traced back to a Swiss physician named Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner, which is how the name “Bircher Muesli” came about. [Read More]

Strawberry Water- Easy Flavored Waters

While smoothies are a wonderful way to get the nutrients of fruits and vegetables in an easy and quick drink, sometimes you just don’t feel like drinking a thick consistency of a beverage. Sometimes you want a drink that’s as close to water as possible but with a little flavor. No doubt you’ve encountered a bunch of flavored waters and flavored bubbly waters in the markets nowadays. [Read More]

Easy Shrimp Tacos with a touch of Asian flavor

Nearly all my friends and family adore soft tacos, especially with seafood filling. These easy Shrimp Tacos are fun to make, simple and great for both simple everyday dinners or parties where guests can assemble their own tacos. I added a touch of Asian flavor here with the plum sauce in the marinade, just to lend a little extra sweetness to the naturally sweet shrimp. [Read More]

Best Beauty Oils- Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil

It is no secret that I’ve been a staunch supporter of Tatcha Skincare since its inception in 2009. As a baby on the skincare scene, Tatcha’s products accomplish a remarkable thing- they feel like they’re steeped in the deep history of Japanese skincare, the very essence its founder sought to recreate. [Read More]

Health benefits of endive (also known as Belgian Endive) include nutrients that fight cancer and diabetes, helps with weight loss and even fights acne. The other main ingredients in this easy appetizer are antioxidant-rich avocados and naturally sweet plantains. I love guacamole; what better dish than something that tastes diabolically naughty yet is actually good for you?! [Read More]