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PurErb Purity Renewing Facial Oil

If you’re passionate about skincare, by now you’ve heard all the rage about facial oils. For those of you with oily or combination skin like me, you may have shied away from using such oils in the belief that you don’t need more oil on top of oil. However, this is simply not the way facial oils work. [Read More]

Health Benefits of Tea

Green tea is grown predominantly in China, Japan and India, with each country producing different and unique varieties. There are two methods of growing green tea- directly under the sun or with varying degrees of shade. [Read More]

Cuisinart Waffle Maker- the best waffle maker that's also multifunctional and doubles as a panini press.

Apparently waffles are the not-so-secret brunch love of many of my friends and family, so much so that I decided to finally start making them at home. In paying close attention to the quality and taste of waffles in restaurants, I found most of them to be tasteless, either too crunchy or too soggy and most importantly, of questionable ingredients. [Read More]

Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF 43

There have been great sunscreens on the market just as there have been great pore refining serums and oil reducing lotions. All in one, though? [Read More]

Watermelon Lychee Smoothie- Quench Your Thirst with this healthy, refreshing and naturally sweet smoothie.

Quench Your Thirst with this healthy, refreshing and naturally sweet smoothie. [Read More]

Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer

There was a day not so long ago, when I carried oil blotting papers wherever I went, as long as I left home. More than the annoyance of carrying the usually slim pouches containing those oil blotters, was the annoyance of having to sneak away from a business meeting or lunch with friends to secretly oil blot my face in the bathroom. Sometimes I had to do this sitting in the car, hurriedly, worried people walking by would see and wonder what weird ritual I’m doing. [Read More]

Tri Color Popsicle- a healthy summer dessert for the whole family!

Super easy to make and so refreshing! Perfect for the whole family or a party. [Read More]

Via Quadronno- Eat Like A Local in New York - A Great Place for Brunch or Coffee

Via Quadronno, with two locations in Manhattan, is the perfect place to sip a cappuccino on the way to work, on the way home, on the way to The Met. It’s equally perfect as a casual lunch or brunch spot or a charming, quaint dinner for two. [Read More]

Easy Vegetable Recipes- Roasted Bok Choy with Szechuan Pepper Salt

With all the kale craze of the past few years, you might have forgotten that other leafy greens like Bok Choy not only exist, but they pack even more antioxidants and nutrients than “it” vegetable kale. [Read More]

Eating locally in Rome- Coppa Enoteca Corsi.

Enoteca Corsi is one of Rome’s hole-in-the-wall eateries that locals patronize on a daily basis. A ‘wine cellar’, Enoteca is open for lunch everyday, specializing in home-style Italian cuisine and of course, wines. Here, it’s all about a casual tavern ambiance with white bistro-like tablecloths and homely good service. [Read More]