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For hot summer months, I love popsicles made of real fresh fruit with little to no added processed sugar. These Pomegranate Greek Yogurt popsicles make eating a healthy dessert as cool as can be. Super easy to make and popular with big and little kids. [Read More]

It’s hard for a lot of people to constantly be aware of proper hydration. I have to nag my father to make sure he’s drinking enough water every single day. These nifty Citrus Zingers make drinking citrus flavored water super easy and easy to bring on the go to work, to the gym or even when traveling. [Read More]

Gramercy Tavern has been a long-time favorite haunt of mine since the days when I used to live in New York and every time I return, I can’t stay away. With a restaurant as large as Gramercy, you might expect a lack of coziness and the typical slow or careless service that comes with such a size. This couldn’t be further from the truth here. [Read More]

Comedian, actress and activist Margaret Cho has long been one of my favorite women in Hollywood. She’s brilliantly hilarious and unbreakable with an inspiring history. [Read More]

Whether you’re traveling just for summer months or you’re always on the go, maintaining healthy skin should always be a priority, if not for aesthetic purposes then for health (protecting from skin cancer). Amayori’s skincare line has an array of convenient travel sized products that include shower gels, body oils and sleep enhancers to make staying away from home a little easier. [Read More]