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I find joy through meeting forward-thinking people, sharing great food, traveling the world and discovering great products. What's your joy?

The best exfoliating serum I've ever tried is the Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Diamond Weekend Peel.

My first introduction to Miriam Quevedo was with the Black Baccara Dynamic Weekend Peel Booster. If you’re unfamiliar with Black Baccara, it is a term long used to describe a particular type of Rose, whose petals are of such a deep and rich reddish purplish color that they at times appear nearly black. [Read More]

The Best Indian Restaurant in Seattle is a hidden gem in what used to be someone's home. Traveler's Thali is as close to Grandma's cooking as you'll get in the Pacific Northwest.

Like anyone in America who loves Indian food, I am constantly in search for grandma’s cooking, that sleight of hand that makes all the difference in a pinch of coriander, a pinch of garam masala. On a trip to Seattle this year, I came across an Indian restaurant upon recommendation of locals. In all honesty, I had low expectations when I heard that the proprietor was a white American man. [Read More]

KÁT RUDU Hydra Cell Bright Citrus Moisturizer

Ever since I discovered Kat Rudu last year, I’ve been head over heels in love with her outstanding line of skincare products. My latest love- Rudu’s Hydra Cell Bright Citrus Moisturizer. Its silky texture dissipates quickly on the skin, leaving an equally silky feeling behind. For most of last year, I did not leave my house in the morning without a layer of this phenomenal moisturizer. [Read More]

ZenSense- the best non-toxic home scenter.

Ever since I was six years old walking the halls of the Mandarin Orchard Hotel in Singapore, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with scents. There was a particular scent the Mandarin used in their hallways, a softly lingering entity I came to forever associate with warmth and comfort. Our olfactory powers correlate directly to memory or perhaps it’s the other way around. Every one of us has experienced how certain smells make us smile while others repel us. [Read More]

Tempura Matsui- the best tempura in New York also has housemade udon and soba as well as a divine Matcha custard.

Outside of Asia, I rarely go near Tempura, especially in most restaurants in the United States. In general, I rarely eat deep fried foods and on top of this, the off occasion when I decide to indulge, it has to be really great quality ingredients in a restaurant whose “oil practices” I feel comfortable with. [Read More]

Hanacure- The Magical Korean Face Mask that de-ages 10 years, erasing wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots while tightening and smoothing.

If you’re on Instagram or Facebook and you follow any female celebrity or skincare brand, then you are very likely to have heard of the HanaCure craze. Actress Drew Barrymore did a home video of when she tried this Korean mask, sending this boutique skincare brand into the forefront of American curiosity. [Read More]