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3 Minute Spinach Soup
3 Minute Spinach Soup
A delicious, healthy and easy soup is just minutes away.
Cheesy Herb Bread
Cheesy Herb Bread
As the weather cools down, it's the perfect time to start baking up those savory breads!
Edamame Bruschetta
Edamame Bruschetta
Takes minutes to make this healthy appetizer but tastes richly divine.

International Icons

Check out my recent interview with the beautiful Jennifer Yen- Founder of Pur-lisse Skincare line and former star of Power Rangers. She shares her thoughts on Hollywood and what it takes to succeed.

No Nut Butter

If you love the taste and texture of peanut butter, you'll fall in love with this No-Nut Butter that gives you the taste you're craving, with added nutrients and no worries of allergies!

Skincare For Men

HYD Buffer Stick We haven't forgotten about the men! Here's our pick for an affordable and awesome exfoliation solution as part of a shaving routine to rid razor bumps, ingrown hairs and wrinkles.

Fall Getaways

One of My Favorite Trips To Take in Autumn Autumn is that perfect time when the weather straddles warm and cool, when the leaves turn beautiful shades of sunrise and there's always a lot going on without it being overwhelming. Here's the perfect fall getaway.


Inspiring Young Girls To Pursue STEM Careers We've come a long, long way since only decades ago when in America, women could not vote and where in most parts of the world, our lives' worth was pinned to the man we married. Our predecessors fought hard for the rights we have today - the right to a life we want, to fair salaries and fair opportunities, rights we are inherently born with but did not always have (and in some cases, still do not).

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