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Alicia Yoon, Founder of Peach & Lily, the Korean skincare e-commerce site taking America by storm.

In the middle of this maelstrom of Korean skincare trends sits Alicia Yoon, Founder and CEO of Peach & Lily, an e-commerce website dedicated to highly curated Asian skincare products. A graduate of Harvard and a lifelong skincare aficionado who used to do facials for family and friends, Yoon was bit by the entrepreneurial bug and found no better way to dive in than in the industry her deep passions lay. [Read More]

Warm Potato & Brussels Sprouts Salad- easy healthy side dishes.

Brussels sprouts is one of those vegetables that I wasn’t crazy about as a child but as an adult, I can’t get enough of it. I’m always thinking of new recipes to incorporate these little green globes and recently, I had a fabulous German potato salad that sparked the idea for this brussels sprouts salad. Unlike American potato salad, German potato salad isn’t so heavy or laden with mayonnaise. [Read More]

Asian Fusion Guacamole- a twist on an old favorite classic.

This is the most addictive guacamole ever and I thank the culinary Gods for allowing me to accidentally create this on a day when I was desperately craving a particular flavor and nothing else satisfied me. I kept mixing and mixing until this amazing salty, sweet and creamy blend came together with the deliciously crisp wontons. Make extra; this will run out super fast. [Read More]

Peach and Lily- the best Korean Skincare website.

If you’re a fan of good skin and good skincare, you’ll have heard by now the Korean skincare regimen that is sweeping the world, including America. As a predominantly Asian woman, I’ve been fortunate to have been very well acquainted with all types of Asian skincare since childhood, long before any particular country’s products became a trend. However, during the years that I lived in the US, it was always difficult to get my hands on Asian skincare with exception of Shiseido products. [Read More]

Unbreakable Umbrella- with a titanium core, this umbrella is used by Presidents and secret service agents, doubling as protector against rain and weapon.

Rainy season is finally upon the west coast of America (and other parts of the world); some days have seen torrential downfalls amid years filled with drought. I’m sure many of you have experienced the exact same situation I have over and over again- rushing from one place to another in your busy day, dealing with hard rain only to find that your much needed umbrella jams, tears or best yet, flips inside out so that instead of protecting you from the rain, it now begins acting as a bucket to catch water. [Read More]

Best Body Scrub 2016- Svelta Sugar Coffee Scrub

Most recently, I was introduced to Svelta, a new skincare brand focusing (so far) on self-tanners.While those of you who are familiar with me know that I religiously stay out of the sun and have no desire to tan, I am always open to discovering and trying new skincare brands with other product offerings that may not be their main focus. [Read More]

DIY Winter Hair Care- using everyday ingredients for healthy, shiny hair.

Our bodies change with the seasons and so should our hair care methods. The same shampoo and conditioner you use during hot summer months shouldn’t be used for harsh, cold winters. If, like me, your hair feels parched and drier during winter, try this super easy DIY at-home conditioner that will tackle several problems… [Read More]