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I find joy through meeting forward-thinking people, sharing great food, traveling the world and discovering great products. What's your joy?

The MUST HAVE Candles for Pet Parents- One Fur All Candles is made from dye-free soy and essential oils. They completely neutralize the most stubborn pet odors and creates a lovely scent in your home.

It may seem out of place and out of season to consider purchasing and lighting candles during the hottest months of the year but keep an open mind to my latest “for the home” discovery; One Fur All Candles are the MUST HAVE candles for pet parents. [Read More]

May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt is an at home Exfoliator that provides microdermabrasion results in a luxurious skincare ritual.

My first introduction to the May Lindstrom skincare brand was through The Clean Dirt, a warming exfoliating mask whose results are akin to getting a microdermabrasion and lightening treatment in one. [Read More]

The Must Have Serum For Summer- Kat Rudu's Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides

Upon first use, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous rose scent, lightly lingering, gentle, non-overwhelming unlike many other rose-scented skincare products that smell fake. Layering this ultra lightweight serum on my skin smelled like breathing in a bouquet of freshly cut morning roses, dew drops intact. [Read More]

The Oxford Gastropub serves the best comfort food in Silicon Valley, melding the best of Britain and India in a charming, local watering hole.

Sunnyvale is a small town that is home to many corporate titans of Silicon Valley yet most people in the world have never heard of it. On a smooth, traffic-free day it takes about 45 minutes from San Francisco proper. One would not automatically think of this little known (to the world) city as a haven of great cuisine but with the now one year old entry of The Oxford Gastropub, Sunnyvale may just be put on the map for more than technology. [Read More]

Asian Pear Almond Milk Smoothie- Easy Smoothie Recipes

Asian Pear is touted as one of the super fruits with good reason; a myriad of health benefits helps you to drink your way to good health. [Read More]

Caravaggio Italian Gelato Berkeley serves the best gelato in SF Bay Area bar none. Lightly sweet, luxuriously creamy and has lactose-free and vegan options that are delicious!

Named after the Italian painter from the 16th century, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, this charming gelateria is strict about using the best of California and Italian ingredients, sourcing non-hormone dairy, organic fruits and nuts, high-end chocolates and real Italian coffee. [Read More]

PCA Skin Vitamin C Quench Serum- a must have for morning skincare routines to help protect against annoying and potentially dangerous sun spots.

Just as many of us are careful to regulate the nutrients we take in via food and possibly supplements, the largest organ of our body needs care from the outside as well. In my never ending quest to discover all the greatest skincare products across the world, I recently was introduced to a brand I’d never heard of before- PCA Skin. [Read More]

A Great Brunch in Los Angeles- The Hungry Cat

Where to go for lunch or brunch in Los Angeles? If you’re looking for something more casual than the lavish spread at LA’s prolific hotels like Ritz Carlton, The Hungry Cat is a fantastic choice. Located right in Hollywood, The Hungry Cat is tucked away in the back of a small quadrant of restaurants, giving the feeling of a minor escape from the hustle and bustle outside. [Read More]

How To Turn Any Shower Into Aromatherapy Experience

Aromatherapy is a millennia old tradition in Asia- used to combat a variety of health issues including congestion, headaches, nausea and exhaustion. [Read More]

Phytokeratine Hair Mask- best hair masks for dry hair.

There is a little known saying in the beauty world, “often the best brands are the ones you’ve never heard of.” Phyto is one such brand that is not ubiquitous in department stores and does not spend copious amounts on advertising campaigns. [Read More]

The Little Known Best Restaurant in San Francisco that you should not miss- Campton Place at Taj Hotel.

With the movement towards modernizing everything from transactions to interior design, it grows increasingly difficult to find classically appointed fine dining restaurants that rebelliously hold on dearly to fine draperies, hand-blown artwork, plush carpeting and a staff dressed in suits. I find umbrage with San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer who thoroughly enjoys Campton’s cuisine but find its interiors rather “staid.” Campton Place has achieved what seldom can today- classic luxury with genuine, effortless warmth, in design, service and cuisine. [Read More]

Isang Enders, world renowned cellist, will do for Cello what Yundi and Lang Lang did for piano. The classical world has its new superstar.

It was a little over a year ago when I first discovered a young cellist by the name of Isang Enders playing Bach’s Cello Suites and speaking about his relationship with these works. [Read More]

Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is bar none the best hotel in Atlanta with spacious luxurious rooms, marble bathrooms, indoor heated pool and the best Spa in the entire Southeast region.

Money may allow you the choice of your luxury hotel in Atlanta but if you care about receiving outstanding, unparalleled service by the finest human beings in hospitality, there is no other choice than Mandarin Oriental Atlanta. [Read More]

Red Cabbage and Bok Choy Slaw- easy, healthy slaws.

This bok choy and red cabbage slaw is super easy to put together with almost no prep time and goes perfectly with heavier meat dishes like BBQ Ribs or Roast Chicken. [Read More]

Everything you need to know about turmeric- its healing properties, how to cook with it and how it's used in skincare.

Used both in its fresh root form and as a powder, turmeric is revered in Southeast Asia as a multi-functional healer. Beyond its many uses in the kitchen, turmeric is often used in herbal tonic drinks, known to cure different ailments ranging from cancer to indigestion. [Read More]

Of the best sushi restaurants in New York, Sushi Nakazawa solidifies its place in the Top 3 not just in NY but all of America. Trio of Tuna pictured here.

One of the best sushi restaurants in New York, really in all of America, Sushi Nakazawa is as good as it gets outside of Japan. Helmed by proprietor and Chef Daisuke Nakazawa who will forever be linked to the legendary Jiro Ono, (having worked under Ono for years before moving to the United States), Nakazawa is built for true sushi aficionados, those who understand Edomae sushi. [Read More]