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Sachal Vasandani
Sachal Vasandani
Discover this smooth toned jazz singer who's set to become one of the world's greats.
Garlic Honey Cashew
Garlic Honey Cashew
Looking for healthy snacks for Thanksgiving weekend? This is savory with a touch of sweetness.
Goes With Everything Sauce
Goes With Everything Sauce
Spice up autumn meals with this versatile and easy to make dipping sauce.

My Favorite Smoothies

My longtime love of organic smoothies brings me to a never-ending search of the world's best smoothie companies and now I've found my favorite in San Francisco.

Kitchen Tools

Find out why this everyday pan has made it to my list of Best Products In the World- it really is that good and versatile.

Gourmet Touches

All you need to create gourmet meals at home are those little details. These encapsulated, flavored olive oil 'caviar' are just the addition you need to escalate everyday fabulous to mouth-watering gourmet.

Winter Getaways

Where To Go To Escape The Cold If laying on a pristine azure beach under the warmth of the sun and sipping on tropical drinks sounds like winter heaven to you, get a great deal in one of my fave spots in Vietnam.

7 Tips To Stay Healthy While Flying in America

Don't let bacteria stop you from traveling. With the latest Ebola outbreak, everyone's on edge and rightfully terrified of contracting this, or some other life threatening disease. As a lifelong traveler who has flown on over three dozen carriers around the world and in America, I'm sharing my tips here on how to stay healthy specifically while flying in America. For the most part, international airlines take greater precaution in cleaning their aircrafts, especially the kitchen and lavatories.

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