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DIY Natural Insect Repellant

I have had my share of trekking through Indonesian rain forests and Brazilian farms and am far more acquainted with the consortium of global bugs than I’d like to be. [Read More]

TasteNirvana- CocoPod - Easy Summer Cocktails

If you are a fan of coconut and rum, Coco Pod- one of the easy summer cocktails series courtesy of my friends at Taste Nirvana, is the cocktail for you. [Read More]

Make Healthy Spa Water At Home

I’ve heard a lot of family and friends complain about how they know they should drink plenty of water but that sometimes it’s just a chore because it’s a bore. [Read More]

The Dhara Devi is one of the two best hotels in Chiang Mai where traditional Lanna style luxury is the focus.

In a secluded area in northern Thailand, lies an oasis unlike any other- a world in which you can take several steps back in time, into the era of Lanna royalty. [Read More]

The 2 Best Sunscreens You'll Ever Need

I hate to admit but I didn’t start using sunscreen seriously until I reached my 30th birthday or so. I can hear some of you yelling at me for such a huge skincare gaffe and I can hear others of you asking what’s the big deal. Sunscreen is a huge deal, not just for our skin’s aesthetics but more importantly to protect us from skin cancer. [Read More]

Red Cabbage and Bok Choy Slaw- easy, healthy slaws.

This bok choy and red cabbage slaw is super easy to put together with almost no prep time and goes perfectly with heavier meat dishes like BBQ Ribs or Roast Chicken. [Read More]

Easy Biscuit Recipe- Buttery Herb Biscuits will always be a huge hit at parties and can be made ahead of time.

Everyone in my life from family to friends to colleagues is in love with biscuits. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why because all except one experience I’ve had with biscuits is that they were hockey-puck hard, tasteless and dry. [Read More]

The Easiest Popsicle Recipe Ever- 2-ingredient Cantaloupe Popsicle is good for you and refreshing.

We all tend to overeat so these mini popsicles are one of the best healthy desserts we can have. With just 2 ingredients, these Cantaloupe Popsicles are incredibly refreshing and sweet all on their own. [Read More]

The MUST HAVE Candles for Pet Parents- One Fur All Candles is made from dye-free soy and essential oils. They completely neutralize the most stubborn pet odors and creates a lovely scent in your home.

It may seem out of place and out of season to consider purchasing and lighting candles during the hottest months of the year but keep an open mind to my latest “for the home” discovery; One Fur All Candles are the MUST HAVE candles for pet parents. [Read More]

May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt is an at home Exfoliator that provides microdermabrasion results in a luxurious skincare ritual.

My first introduction to the May Lindstrom skincare brand was through The Clean Dirt, a warming exfoliating mask whose results are akin to getting a microdermabrasion and lightening treatment in one. [Read More]

The Must Have Serum For Summer- Kat Rudu's Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides

Upon first use, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous rose scent, lightly lingering, gentle, non-overwhelming unlike many other rose-scented skincare products that smell fake. Layering this ultra lightweight serum on my skin smelled like breathing in a bouquet of freshly cut morning roses, dew drops intact. [Read More]

The Oxford Gastropub serves the best comfort food in Silicon Valley, melding the best of Britain and India in a charming, local watering hole.

Sunnyvale is a small town that is home to many corporate titans of Silicon Valley yet most people in the world have never heard of it. On a smooth, traffic-free day it takes about 45 minutes from San Francisco proper. One would not automatically think of this little known (to the world) city as a haven of great cuisine but with the now one year old entry of The Oxford Gastropub, Sunnyvale may just be put on the map for more than technology. [Read More]

Asian Pear Almond Milk Smoothie- Easy Smoothie Recipes

Asian Pear is touted as one of the super fruits with good reason; a myriad of health benefits helps you to drink your way to good health. [Read More]