International Icons

Dina interviews actors, musicians, world leaders and celebrities who are creating positive impact either on an international or regional level.

Vikas Khanna and Dina Yuen

It had been three years since I first interviewed Chef Vikas; three years since I had first been surprised by how kind, sweet and down to earth this growing worldwide phenomenon still was. In my first interview with him, I wanted to share with the world and my subset of fans who this famous Chef is and how he came to reach his success. [Read More]


From Bollywood heartthrobs to international stars, Dina Yuen interviews actors around the world to get the inside scoop on what it took to achieve their success and what their future plans are.

Actress turned Skincare Entrepreneur Jennifer Yen talks about what it takes to start a business from scratch and how close she came to giving up.

Authors & Writers

Dina Yuen interviews authors and writers across various fields, from bestselling novelists to screenwriters and poets.

Interview with Award-winning author Sweta Vikram.

Business Leaders

What does it take to achieve success in any given field and become recognized as a true leader? Dina Yuen interviews leaders around the world from CEOs to Silicon Valley startup founders and make-up experts to learn about their childhood, rules they live by and what their secrets to success are.

Vikas Khanna and Dina Yuen
Ajay Walia- Indian Restaurateur of Michelin Starred Rasa Indian Restaurant in Burlingame and Saffron in San Carlos.


Dina Yuen interviews both established and up and coming comedians to learn about their life paths and how they create their popular material.

Fashion, Hair & Style

Icons in fashion, hair and style are a billion dollar business across the world. From the most fashion conscious of us to the most apathetic, every single day we all make decisions on what to wear and how to style ourselves. Dina Yuen finds out the stories behind these fashion, hair and style icons.


Dina Yuen interviews physicians, surgeons and other specialists to learn about cutting-edge technology driving medical advances.


From bestselling classical musicians to pop singers and instrumentalists, Dina Yuen interviews the world’s most popular music stars to learn about their musical paths, family life and what an average day looks like.


Giving back in some manner has always been at the heart of the Asian Fusion Girl team. Here, Dina Yuen interviews the world’s leading philanthropists from regional human rights activists to controversial authors and business leaders, all of whom are making a big difference in unique ways.


Dina Yuen interviews religious and spiritual leaders around the world.


Achieving international recognition and/or gold medals in sports is reserved for an extremely exclusive list of athletes. Dina Yuen chats with sports icons from basketball phenom Jeremy Lin to Tenth Dan Judo master Shihan Keiko Fukuda to learn about how they became laser focused and what sacrifices they made to excel in their individual fields.

Top Chefs

In the last ten years, chefs have been catapulted from the invisible people that crank out dishes at restaurants to major international celebrities with ubiquitous brands and multi-million dollar restaurants. Dina Yuen interviews celebrity chefs and up and coming chefs to discover their favorite comfort foods, the toughest moments in their careers and what their biggest culinary dreams are.

Best Chefs in America- Srijith Gopinathan
Vikas Khanna and Dina Yuen