Well Being

Tips on Health, Skincare, Haircare and Spirituality

Natural Ways To Prevent Gray Hair

When you spend enough time in places like Bali and Thailand you pick up a few tricks from local women who’ve  passed down beauty secrets from one generation to the next. How do you keep gray hair away? [Read More]

General Health

Learn how to get rid of migraines naturally, what foods to eat to protect your skin from cancer, DIY home projects to create a toxin-free environment and other natural health tips.

Is noise pollution making you sick? Here's what you can do about it according to Hollywood's Dr. Jessica Wu.

Skincare & Haircare

While I’m a huge fan of some of the world’s most amazing companies that create potent and environmentally friendly skin and hair care products, I’m also a fan of DIY skin and hair care using natural ingredients at home. Everyday ingredients like eggs and coconut milk can work wonders on our skin and hair, sometimes better than expensive products.


A major part of our physical health is our spiritual well being. Discover stories on how different people deal with stress, depression and some of life’s biggest decisions. These stories will empower, educate and inspire you to find your own spiritual well being.

Basic Buddhist Terminology