Easy Asian Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Kiwi Mint Smoothie
Kiwi Mint Smoothie
Light and refreshing- this healthy smoothie is perfect for warm days.
Basil Tofu Linguine
Basil Tofu Linguine
Crave that creamy sauce but don't want the calories? Here's my secret sauce.
Spicy Lime Calamari
Spicy Lime Calamari
Takes minutes to prepare but has explosive flavors.

Easy Soup Recipes

Keep warm through the winter with these easy soup recipes that will nourish you inside out.

Asian Sauces

Gochujang Dipping Sauce Make a spectacular meal by adding simple sauces. From dumpling sauce to healthy salad dressings, the right sauce can bring life to a regular meal.

Change Your Sweet Tooth

This is one kitchen appliance that will change your sweet tooth forever.

Submit Your Recipe

Submit Your Recipe We welcome recipe submissions from the global Asian Fusion community of food lovers. Please submit only recipes that are original and of Asian or Asian Fusion flavors.

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