Dina's Favorite Recipes

Easy Asian & Fusion Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Tamarind Honey Shrimp
Tamarind Honey Shrimp
If you love intense flavors, you'll love this easy shrimp recipe!
Quinoa Egg Tarlet
Quinoa Egg Tarlet
Start the day off right with these easy to make egg tartlets.
Cinnamon Almond Milk
Cinnamon Almond Milk
Inspired by Mexican Horchata- this nutrient rich drink makes healthy drinking easy to do.

Easy Summer Desserts

Celebrate time with family and friends with decadent desserts or healthy treats!

Kale Crazy

New Ways To Dress Up Kale While top chefs may be tired of these antioxidant-rich vegetables, home cooks around the world are still going crazy over kale. Here's one of the easiest kale recipes you'll ever find and possibly the most delicious!

What To Do With Stale Bread

Learn how to make steal bread fresh again.

Submit Your Recipe

Submit Your Recipe We welcome recipe submissions from the global Asian Fusion community of food lovers. Please submit only recipes that are original and of Asian or Asian Fusion flavors.

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