Easy Asian Snacks- Pork Sung Sandwich

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of exploring the old establishments of Singapore with my family. In doing so, we came across tiny cafés that are rare treasures nowadays. No frothy coffee drinks made with fancy machines, no wi-fi, no gleaming display cases housing over-processed, sugary sweets. These cafés spoke of an era gone by with their yellowed walls, wooden tables and chairs and simple menus with fresh, simple snacks. One Singaporean favorite is this Pork Sung Sandwich, incredibly easy Asian snacks of dense white Asian bread slathered lightly with butter, scallions and shredded Pork Sung, also known as pork floss. So it’s not the healthiest of snacks and we consider it a sometimes food, but it sure does bring back sweet and savory memories.

Makes 4 sandwiches


8 slices thick white Asian bread (substitute regular thick white bread)

Butter at room temperature

2 large scallions rinsed and finely chopped

12 tablespoons shredded pork sung


Arrange all the slices of bread on a flat surface side by side. Using a small knife, spread as little or as much butter as you like on each of the bread slices.

On 4 of the bread slices, sprinkle the chopped scallions evenly. Then repeat with the pork sung. Finally, take the 4 slices of bread that have only butter on them and place them on top of the other halves with pork sung and scallions. Serve as is or cut into halves.