Best Restaurants In The World

Dina's personal picks for eateries that made her coin the term "mouthgasm."

The Little Known Best Restaurant in San Francisco that you should not miss- Campton Place at Taj Hotel.

With the movement towards modernizing everything from transactions to interior design, it grows increasingly difficult to find classically appointed fine dining restaurants that rebelliously hold on dearly to fine draperies, hand-blown artwork, plush carpeting and a staff dressed in suits. I find umbrage with San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer who thoroughly enjoys Campton’s cuisine but find its interiors rather “staid.” Campton Place has achieved what seldom can today- classic luxury with genuine, effortless warmth, in design, service and cuisine. [Read More]

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Browse my personal picks for best restaurants in America, from hole-in-the-walls to fine dining Michelin starred establishments.

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Omakase Restaurant San Francisco- Nigiri Sushi credit Jeremy Chung


Browse my personal picks for best restaurants around the world. From street carts in India to romantic trattorias in Tuscany to breathtaking restaurants in Asia, these are the eateries that linger in my dreams.










Eating locally in Rome- Coppa Enoteca Corsi.
Nyonya Ali- authentic Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta where you'll eat like a real local.