Best Restaurants In The World

Dina's favorite restaurants around the world are ones she's been to at least three times and range from Michelin starred fine dining to hole-in-the-walls, all of which share one key thing: deep passion for great food.


San Francisco has long been known for its bevy of fantastic Japanese restaurants so it’s no surprise to come across one. Every now and then though, we come across a hole-in-the-wall jewel that is simple yet cozy, authentic yet sophisticated. Ariake on Geary is one
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Benu Restaurant- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco and consistently one of the top restaurants in the world, helmed by French Laundry alum Corey Lee.

Benu Restaurant- Best Restaurants San Francisco

Benu Restaurant- Best Restaurants San Francisco I had heard all the hype about Corey Lee from his days working as Thomas Keller’s right hand man at French Laundry. Call me a food snob but I’m never one to just believe what other critics and self-proclaimed
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Campton Place Restaurant

Taj Campton Place Restaurant One of the complaints I hear from some people who aren’t fond of fine dining is that everything starts to taste the same once you frequent too many top restaurants. I couldn’t disagree more vehemently. If we’re speaking of the “average”
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Caravaggio Italian Gelato Berkeley serves the best gelato in SF Bay Area bar none. Lightly sweet, luxuriously creamy and has lactose-free and vegan options that are delicious!

Caravaggio Gelato Berkeley

Caravaggio Italian Gelato- The Best Gelato in SF Bay Area It has been far too long since I’ve spent time in Italy roaming from gelateria to salumeria, engaging in culinary debauchery of the best kind. On sunny afternoons I often find myself missing those moments
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One of the best restaurants in Napa, Celadon Napa has been the leader of excellence in cuisine and service for over 20 years.

Celadon Napa

Celadon Restaurant- One of The Best Restaurants in Napa Editor Update (2016): My former mentor, the wonderful Chef Greg Cole has sold Celadon to his General Manager who takes over this iconic restaurant, continuing Greg’s tradition of excellence in food and service. Executive Chef and
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Chai Cart

The past couple of years have seen a huge insurgence of street food carts and trucks, demonstrating that San Francisco’s love of food and entrepreneurship are alive and well. While all of these food truck owners are to be lauded for their Herculean effort in
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Restaurant Gary Danko- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco.

Gary Danko

Gary Danko- One of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco There are moments in life that continue to shine on like glittering jewels in the dark recesses of our minds, long after they have passed. Often representing treasured memories with loved ones, those are happy
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Anyone driving by on Geary Street could well be forgiven for passing right by Kabuto. It’s a small hole in the wall but its diminutive size belies its gargantuan quality, freshness and creativity in the Japanese culinary arts. Though there are tables around the cozy
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Ken Ken Ramen

In the food capital of the west with sophisticated and often snobbish palates, it is excruciatingly difficult for a restaurant to stand out among countless competitors. In San Francisco, where there is an extraordinarily high concentration of Asian eateries, what is the new kid on
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Le Colonial

To step into Le Colonial is to enter another era. The old-world charm of Vietnam fuses seamlessly with the air of sophisticated France, easily apparent in the Veranda and Outdoor Patio. Incredibly unique to cosmopolitan city restaurants, Le Colonial boasts not only its lovely indoor
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Lefty O’Douls

Through the decades, Lefty’s has grown to become one of San Francisco’s most beloved restaurant bars. Named after Francis “Lefty” O’Doul of the New York Giants, the sports bar and restaurant is located in the very heart of San Francisco’s Union Square, across from the
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Luce Restaurant- one of the best restaurants in San Francisco with mouth watering food, sophisticated ambiance and top notch service.

Luce Restaurant

Luce Restaurant- Best Restaurants in San Francisco One aspect of the business that even the most luxurious of hotels struggle with in America is sustaining a signature restaurant that serves consistently excellent food with warm, genuine service while still offering some kind of value without
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For over thirty years, Mai’s Vietnamese restaurant has been a San Francisco staple, serving generations of locals. Tucked away in the non-touristy area of Clement Street, Mai’s is one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants and has been since childhood days of frequenting the place with
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Mandaloun Mediterranean Restaurant

Mandaloun Restaurant By now, we’ve all heard for years how the Mediterranean diet is healthy and the choice of so-called nutrition experts. Well, that may be true but when I go to Mandaloun Restaurant in Redwood City (in the San Francisco Bay Area), I’m not
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Manzanita Restaurant

Signature restaurants at hotels tend to be very hit or miss but I had high hopes entering Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe’s Manzanita Restaurant. I had already sampled the hotel’s room service (run by Manzanita) and other eateries on property- all of which churned out excellent
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Mina Test Kitchen Review- The Company's spectacular Dal with Papadum.

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company’s Indian Feast

Mina Test Kitchen- The Company Bar & Kitchen There are Indian entrepreneur-chefs and restaurateurs hell bent on changing the perception of Indian cuisine and the experience of dining in an Indian-centric establishment. I for one, am thrilled. Am I going to say “I told you
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Monsoon Masala

One of the many beautiful aspects of the San Francisco Bay Area is the plethora of authentic, native cuisine from around the world. In a region with as much culinary sophistication and well roundedness as this, it is all the more a joyful and heartwarming
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Namu Gaji

It was love at first taste. I had heard incessantly about Namu’s KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) to the point of annoyance, wondering if every person reporting to me had been fried chicken depraved for years.  But alas, this was one of those few times when
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Omakase Restaurant San Francisco- Nigiri Sushi credit Jeremy Chung

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco The mere term ‘omakase’ elicits images of fine Japanese establishments with revered masters behind wooden counters determining exactly what experience guests will encounter in that one moment in time. In the Western world, for better or worse, ‘omakase’ has become synonymous
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Pabu Restaurant- Best Sushi in San Francisco hands down. Fish flown in from Japan every other day.

Pabu Restaurant

Pabu Restaurant- Best Sushi in San Francisco I have been to hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants in their early opening days. The two biggest noticeable problems facing new restaurants are typically that the wait staff is too flustered to be sincerely friendly and that food takes
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Philz Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an ardent coffee lover. After all, I hail from regions of the world that are the biggest coffee producers. More importantly though, drinking coffee has profound ties to my childhood- memories of stealing a sip from my father’s
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PortaBella Restaurant Carmel - the best Italian restaurant in Carmel, perfect for romantic dinners, family brunch or even friends get togethers. So charming and great food.

PortaBella Restaurant- Best Italian Restaurant in Carmel

PortaBella Restaurant Carmel By The Sea- Best Italian Restaurant in Carmel As its name suggests, the best Italian restaurant in Carmel features a beautiful wooden door that transports you right into a Snow White fairy tale, complete with adorable flower pots, wrought iron trellises and
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Purple Plant Blends

Purple Plant Blends If you’ve been following my writings for even a little while, you’ll know that smoothies are a major part of my life. I’ve loved them since I was a child and in adulthood, I feel strongly that they’re an important aspect of
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Redd Napa Valley

One could easily call me a Reddington stalker as I’ve followed him throughout much of his career. I’m sure though that any foodie who tastes his culinary brilliance would hardly blame me. Early on, I fell in love with his technical skills, mastery of subtle
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Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Ice Cream- Best Ice Cream in San Francisco When I first heard of this liquid nitrogen ice cream craze, like so many other food fads, I was unimpressed and just not all that excited. Ice cream is a subject near and dear to my
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The Conservatory Ritz Carlton- Best Restaurants SF Bay Area

The Conservatory Ritz Carlton- Best Restaurants SF Bay Area It’s no secret that I’m a staunch supporter of the Ritz Carlton brand; after all, I spent many of my best childhood moments at various Ritz Carlton hotels around the world. The emotional attachment to the
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The Oxford Gastropub serves the best comfort food in Silicon Valley, melding the best of Britain and India in a charming, local watering hole.

The Oxford Gastropub

The Oxford Gastropub Sunnyvale is a small town that is home to many corporate titans of Silicon Valley yet most people in the world have never heard of it. On a smooth, traffic-free day it takes about 45 minutes from San Francisco proper. One would
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Va de Vi

Va De Vi- Best Restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area The San Francisco bay area has long been a meccah for foodies around the world, beckoning both locals and visitors alike with its astounding array of highly rated restaurants. Only locals and frequent visitors would
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Villa Romana

VILLA ROMANA Editor’s Note: As of July 20, 2014, Villa Romana is unfortunately closed for business. After 60 years of being one of the city’s most popular Italian restaurants, the owners are retiring for a much deserved break. Italy has been like a third home
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