Fasano Restaurant- Best Restaurants Sao Paolo

Fasano, much like its owners (the Fasano family), has managed to create sophisticated and elegant warmth in what has become one of Sao Paolo’s most beloved restaurants. The Fasano family originally migrated from Italy to Brazil over one hundred years ago and through a love of authentic cuisine, created what has become one of my top favorites in all of South America.

Italian food is popular throughout the world but in its popularity, few manage to master the true techniques of native flavors. The Fasano family along with premier chef Salvatore Loi, know Italian cuisine so profoundly that they are able to subtly fuse authentic Italian flavors with those of their new home, Brazil. Most of Fasano’s ingredients are imported directly from all parts of Italy. I cannot leave Sao Paolo without having eaten their luscious pumpkin tortellini and fluffy gnocchi. All pastas are handmade in house, evident in that perfect al dente bite authentic and real Italian pasta should have. A dash of savory and a splash of sweetness in the pumpkin marry beautifully with the buttery tortellini.

Revel in the beauty of a streamlined but classic interior of rich burgundies and warm beige tones while feasting on an array of succulent roasted meats and hand-made, fresh pastas. Service here is the perfect fusion of Brazil’s joie de vivre and Italy’s family values. There is no doubt that the Fasano family has much to take pride in with the memorable culinary experiences they’ve created for all of us who have been lucky enough to be their guests.