Best Restaurants In The World

Dina's favorite restaurants around the world are ones she's been to at least three times and range from Michelin starred fine dining to hole-in-the-walls, all of which share one key thing: deep passion for great food.

Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita has been a landmark in the Seattle region for nearly a decade now and with great reason. Chef and owner Holly Smith set out to create an Italian dining experience for her guests that would challenge and stimulate palates with bold and fresh
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Canlis- one of the best restaurants in Seattle has served die-hard fans for decades.


Canlis- Best Restaurants in Seattle After being an ardent fan of Canlis since my teenage years, I’m thrilled to finally be adding this one of a kind gem to AsianFusion’s list of Favorite Restaurants Around the World. I can think of no restaurant in America
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Elegant and cozy, Portage completes Seattle’s international dining scene as one of the nation’s premier French bistros. Classic bistro interiors lend for a chic, relaxed ambiance that is quietly becoming Seattle’s trademark. Led by the talented hands of Owner/Chef Vuong Loc, Portage offers a small
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Rovers- Best Restaurants Seattle

Rovers- Best Restaurants Seattle Editor’s Note: Rovers Seattle is now closed but I’m still a huge fan of Chef Thierry Rautureau a.k.a. The Chef In the Hat. As of 2015, he has two other restaurants well worth checking out if you’re not already a fan.
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Travelers’ Thali

The Best Indian Restaurant in Seattle- Travelers’ Thali It’s a well known fact among my family, friends and colleagues that I’ve had a long standing passion for India that borders on the obsessive and compulsive. My times spent across India through the years have become
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Wild Ginger

The brainchild of iconic Chef Jeem Han Locke, Wild Ginger has been one of Seattle’s best restaurants for over 20 years. What does it take to maintain a fanatic following for decades in an era when new restaurants pop up on a daily basis and
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