Cafe Juanita has been a landmark in the Seattle region for nearly a decade now and with great reason. Chef and owner Holly Smith set out to create an Italian dining experience for her guests that would challenge and stimulate palates with bold and fresh flavors. She and her staff have consistently sought to use organic products in achieving her signature culinary clean lines in combination with an extensive wine list focusing on Northern Italian grapes.

With a menu that changes frequently, Cafe Juanita is forever providing new experiences for guests . What remains constant here is attentive service and an exceptional menu that incorporates regional produce to exhibit flavors and scents that are nothing less than vibrantly alive. By the grace of Chef Holly and the freshness of the produce used at Cafe Juanita, presentations of the eclectic menu are streamlined yet classic, with the bright colors of each ingredient shining through.

Alaskan Prawns with Heirloom Tomato Sorbetto begin a wonderful dinner on a very light and tangy note while salads such as Hearts of Palm, Celery and Fennel drizzled with Lemon and Olive Oil are sinless indulgences. Goats Milk Braised Pork with Black Kale and Lemon is done to perfection with the pork so tender it melts in your mouth. Italian Desserts abound at Cafe Juanita, with tongue sparkling gelato and sorbetto. My personal favorite which I can never get enough of is the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Apple Composta. Rich and velvety smooth, the Panna Cotta is awakened by the delicately contrasting fruit.

Like the food and service, Cafe Juanita welcomes guests with a calm and cozy interior of hardwood floors, large picture windows and white linens. A wonderful choice for a romantic dinner or to entertain and impress guests.

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