Elegant and cozy, Portage completes Seattle’s international dining scene as one of the nation’s premier French bistros. Classic bistro interiors lend for a chic, relaxed ambiance that is quietly becoming Seattle’s trademark. Led by the talented hands of Owner/Chef Vuong Loc, Portage offers a small butambitiousmenu of French classics with hardly a trace of Vuong’s Vietnamese heritage.

With a Chef that prides himself on using only fresh, seasonal ingredients, Portage’s menu is ever changing. Farm Lettuce with Dijon Red Wine Vinaigrette is such a simple salad but Chef Vuong’s mastery creates delicacy and sharpness all in one. Pan Roasted White Fish and Free Range Chicken are both done to exceptional perfection, with the fish melting in your mouth and the chicken both juicy and tender. Vuong’s Gnocchi would make the Godfather proud, with a dash of sweet Meyer Lemon and sautéed mushrooms.

Like the main menu, the dessert list is tiny but memorable. Decadent and adorable in presentation as well as taste, the Pumkpin Creme Brulee should not be missed. Imagine the best pumpkin pie you’ve ever tasted; this is a thousand times better. Pot de Crème is always a favorite of mine here as well- delicately sweet with an exotic accent of cardamom.

Portage has a wonderful staff that is competently familiar with the menu and genuinely warm with none of the snobby pretense that accompanies all too many French bistros. Dinner at Portage is a welcome retreat for anyone in search of exceptional cuisine in a lovely setting.

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