Best Restaurants In The World

Dina's favorite restaurants around the world are ones she's been to at least three times and range from Michelin starred fine dining to hole-in-the-walls, all of which share one key thing: deep passion for great food.

Mahesh Restaurant Mumbai

Mahesh Restaurant Mumbai- Best Seafood in Mumbai Mahesh is one of Mumbai’s favorite eateries with authentic Manglorean (south Indian) cuisine. This is a great place for a casual business lunch or for a relaxed dinner. The restaurant transforms itself from daytime business rush to evening chic
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Samrat Mumbai

Samrat Mumbai Do not let the fact that Samrat serves only vegetarian food scare you off. This is not your typical vegetarian restaurant with boring, bland food. Even people who are ardently against vegetarian cuisine frequent Samrat often; it is very popular with local office
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Shree Balaji Chaat- Best Street Food Delhi

Shree Balaji Chaat- Best Street Food Delhi Though India is home to many of the world’s finest and classiest restaurants, a true traveler and foodie cannot leave India without venturing through crowded, narrow streets with the alluring scent of frying ghee and steaming Masala Chai.
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The Dhaba Mumbai

The Dhaba Mumbai Punjabi (north Indian) cuisine reigns supreme at The Dhaba, a favorite joint of locals in Mumbai. Flavors of each dish are pronounced here, as they should be, such that you can taste at least some, if not all of the major ingredients
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The Spice Route- Best Restaurants New Delhi

The Spice Route- Best Restaurants New Delhi Its rating as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by many international publications is no exaggeration. In the ever awe-inspiring Imperial Hotel in Delhi, The Spice Route lives up to its reputation. The menu is
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