What better place than Hawaii to partake in Asian Fusion cuisine? Owner and Chef Glenn Chu has made Indigo a Honolulu staple for well over a decade with his ingenious interpretations of Asian classics. The restaurant’s ambiance is exactly what we want from the islands, whimsical and bright while still maintaining a relaxed, romantic elegance.

What is most admirable about Indigo is its ability to maintain clean and precise flavors amidst an extensive menu of fusion dishes. Ingredients and recipes may cross from China to Indonesia to Japan, but there are no blurry lines here when it comes to crystal clear accents of garlic, turmeric, ginger, harissa and the myriad of herbs used. A traditional Chinese favorite, Steamed Fish with Sizzling Scallion Oil, is presented flawlessly with an earthy yet light ginger tapenade while the irresistible Garlic Scallops on Bamboo Stick are prepared just to the right texture- firm but tender, and incorporates African essences with a smoky, spicy Harissa sauce.

Indigo’s menu showcases both favorites from all over Asia as well as unique dishes that can be attributed to Chef Chu’s close family ties. Guests fortunate enough to run into Chef Chu in the dining hall can hear stories of his childhood days spent in the kitchen with his grandmother, learning the intricate techniques of Asian cuisine. From moist and savory dim sum to authentic stir-fried noodles and fresh sushi, Chef Chu has mastered an astounding range of cuisine, which allows him to venture into fusion territory with great success.

What I have not found elsewhere in the world is Chef Chu’s addictive Indonesia Sumatra Coffee Bread Pudding- a luscious, soft texture with the unmistakable depth of dark, robust Sumatran coffee. The perfect sweetness without being overwhelming, scents of the aromatic coffee float upwards as you try to make the exquisite dessert last just a little bit longer. A testament to the restaurant’s unrelenting commitment to freshness, Chef Chu can often be found in local markets hand-picking the finest produce of the day. With Chef Chu’s superfluous talent and a well trained staff dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for each guest, Indigo will long hold its place as one of America’s culinary gems.