Serendipity 3- Best Restaurants in New York

Serendipity- to make desirable discoveries by accident.

It was over half a century ago when New York’s favorite café came to life and in all these years, Serendipity has evolved to become that place in the neighborhood where everybody from around the world comes to seek gourmet comfort food, America’s sweetest temptations and most importantly, the experience of slower days and old romance.

There’s something about this place that gets me strangely melancholic and happy at the same time as soon as I walk in through those famed doors. With countless hours of hosting big families with giddy children and dewy eyed lovers sharing Frozen Hot Chocolates, Serendipity has not only become one of New York’s major attractions, it is New York. Waiters come by with wide, bright smiles so cheerful that it’s difficult not to be effected. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into the affable and charming owner whom everybody calls Bruce. Bruce will regale you with fascinating stories of all the famous celebs who’ve come and gone and of the good old days when Serendipity was just a baby in New York’s thriving food scene.

Serendipity has an eclectic menu that features all time favorites like Sweet’n Spicy Wings to heartier entreés of pasta in creamy sauces, Chicken Flambé and classic hamburgers. For those seeking healthier options, Serendipity keeps dishing out the desirables with lighter fare such as Lemon Sole with Steamed Vegetables and fresh fruit platters. While the savory section of the menu deserves as much acclaim as their dessert menu, first timers cannot leave without indulging in the giggle inducing, euphoria inspiring Frozen Hot Chocolate. Creamy, luscious and a diabolical mix of over a dozen different types of cocoas, this orgasmic concoction is the kind of legend that creates lifetime memories. Shared between lovers, shared between a father and son, shared between friends…

Sip your Frozen Hot Chocolate leisurely and take in the boisterous din of the café as you watch locals and tourists walking by. For those with extra cash to indulge, try their world famous thousand dollar Sundae with gold leaf topping. With quirky stained glass chandeliers hanging in random corners and hand-picked odds and ends, you’ll feel the unmistakable stopping of time in the most serendipitous of ways, as if nothing matters in that moment but that moment itself.

Serendipity 3