Food courts are synonymous with Singapore with at least one on every block. It’s hard to go wrong in a culinary meccah like Singapore but inevitably, some food courts are better than others. Now call me sentimental but one of my all time favorite food courts in Singapore is at the bottom floor of Scotts Plaza aka Scotts Shopping Centre off of Orchard Road. While you will find a fair share of tourists here, there are countless locals who eat here morning to night, if that’s any testimony to how authentic the food stalls are.

Why is this one of my favorites in Singapore? Sometimes it’s just pleasant to enjoy great Singaporean food in a clean, air-conditioned environment. There are dozens of food stalls at Scotts, ranging from my number one favorite- the Singaporean carrot cake stall, to Poh Pia (fresh rolls), Nyonya Laksa (coconut noodle soup) and shaved ice desserts. Manning the tiny kitchens in the food stalls are a cross of middle aged Singaporeans who come in each day with relentless dedication to their small business to white-haired grandmas with toothy smiles who know little English.

The food represents an awesome range of Singaporean favorites, each as mouth-watering and authentic as the next. Pricing is perfectly reasonable, especially if you’re visiting with foreign dollars, though not as cheap as actual street stalls of course. You’ve got to pay for the air-conditioning after all. If you happen to be shopping along Orchard Road and want the best of the Singaporean street food experience without the heat, the bottom floor of Scotts Plaza hits the spot.

6 Scotts Road