Bamboo 52 – Sushi Bar in NY

If you’re searching for a restaurant and lounge that makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy world between New York and Japan, Bamboo 52 is it. The moment you walk through the front glass doors, the outside world fades into a modern and vibrant haven. Wednesday evening onwards this is one of New York’s hotspots with good-looking twenty and thirty somethings hanging about in all their chicness, hoping to be seen and trying not to look too conspicuous.

For all its trendsetting hoopla, Bamboo 52 is actually a fabulous place to eat fresh sushi and sashimi that has been created with an emphasis on unique twists on classics and innovative presentations. Seldom found in other eateries, creations such as the Fantasy Roll (shrimp tempura with banana and topped with spicy tuna) fuse flavors that one would think don’t match at all, but Bamboo has managed to do so beautifully. Case in point- the Lobster Roll actually uses real lobster. What a novel idea. My personal favorite is the classic Spicy Bamboo 52 Roll (spicy tuna with avocado) downed with a cool sip of Sakejito. When something is done right, there’s no need to stray far from classic favorites.

Very unusual for New York is Bamboo’s outdoor bamboo garden, where you can dust off the stressed of the day and relax in a calm, cool zone surrounded by greenery and bamboo with no sight of the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t be surprised to run into celebrities at this reasonably priced hotspot. Bamboo is a great choice in a city where eating out can be an overwhelming decision to make.

Bamboo 52