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Butter Toast with Condensed Milk

Butter Toast with Condensed Milk All over Asia, people love their snacks and street food. One of my all time favorite indulgences is this Sweet Butter Toast drizzled with condensed milk. Thick, dense Asian white bread is so good on its own and in this
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Easy Asian Snacks – Buttery Pork Sung Sandwich

Easy Asian Snacks- Pork Sung Sandwich Some of my fondest childhood memories are of exploring the old establishments of Singapore with my family. In doing so, we came across tiny caf├ęs that are rare treasures nowadays. No frothy coffee drinks made with fancy machines, no
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Vietnamese Sausage Sandwich- Easy Vietnamese Sandwich

Easy Vietnamese Sandwich- Vietnamese Sausage Sandwich We may have the French to thank for their influence on Vietnamese sandwiches but today, Vietnamese sandwiches are quickly taking the world by storm. The real ones are few and far between outside of Vietnam proper, though there are
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