Nutella Ice Cream Sandwich
Being a kid in Asia meant having access to all kinds of yummy desserts and snacks. The first time I had this Nutella ice cream sandwich was in Southeast Asia, from a roaming street vendor. Hearing ice cream sandwich conjured images of the thin, damp chocolate wafers with vanilla ice cream in the middle but that image was so wrong. This was an actual sandwich of sorts. The old guy used thick Asian white bread, richly dense and lightly sweet, slathered with heavenly nutella before topping off with vanilla ice cream. All I can say is, I never wanna grow up.

4 slices Asian thick white bread (substitute with regular thick cut white bread)
4 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
4 tablespoons Nutella spread


On a flat surface, lay out each slice of bread side by side. Spread one tablespoon of nutella onto each slice of bread until evenly coated.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream onto each slice of bread, staying on one half of the bread. Gently fold over the other side of the bread to form somewhat of a taco shape. Serve immediately.