Avocado Ice Cream Sandwich
Avocado is hugely popular throughout Asia, predominantly as part of a dessert or milkshake. It’s no surprise then that several Asian countries produce avocado ice cream. It’s creamy, luscious and yes, you can actually taste avocado. While this ice cream is not available in western markets, it is widely available in most Asian markets. Super easy to make, this wildly popular ice cream sandwich is best created with thick Asian white bread, which is much denser than its western counterparts. If you really can’t find Asian white bread, then substitute with regular thick cut white bread.

4 slices Asian thick white bread
4 scoops avocado ice cream
Drizzle of condensed milk


On a flat surface, lay out each slice of bread side by side. Place a scoop of avocado ice cream onto each slice of bread, staying on one half of the bread. Gently fold over the other side of the bread to form somewhat of a taco shape. Drizzle condensed milk on top and serve immediately.