Ladies, this isn’t going to be some long, drawn-out article because this tip is really as simple and easy as they come. 

So what’s the secret to drying those pretty nails in a flash? Ice water. When you’re all done trimming, cuticle cutting and buffing, but before you put on your base coat, fill a bowl with lots of ice and water. After you’ve applied your top coat, wait a minute to let the top coat set just a bit, then gently slip your fingertips into the ice water.

Be careful not to harshly bump your nails into the ice cubes. Let your fingertips stay in the ice water for a couple of minutes. If you can’t take the cold, carefully slip them in and out whenever you need to. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll achieve a manicure that’s set as if you’d been sitting around air drying them for about 45 minutes.