International Icons

Dina interviews actors, musicians, world leaders and celebrities who are creating positive impact either on an international or regional level.

Chef Alexander Ong

CHEF ALEXANDER ONG DOB: June 19 Birthplace: Malaysia Ethnicity: Chinese Malaysian Occupation: Chef & Restaurateur Residence: California, USA Dina’s Thoughts In a culinary era when the word “fusion” has become synonymous with directionless and tasteless cuisine, Chef Alex Ong breathes new life into this oft
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Chef Glenn Chu

GLENN CHU Dina’s Thoughts A native of Honolulu, Chef Glenn Chu, owner and executive chef of Indigo, found his roots in his grandmother’s kitchen early on. Coming from a Chinese American family, Chef Glenn grew up having the opportunity to watch his grandmother cooking up
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Chef Jay Mariadoss

CHEF JAY MARIADOSS Dina’s Thoughts Most renowned chefs begin illustrious careers by skillfully mastering their native cuisines before venturing into foreign territories. This wasn’t the case for Jay Mariadoss, owner/chef of Indian Palate. Then again, Jay isn’t just another chef. Born in a remote area
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Chef Kazuto Matsusaka

CHEF KAZUTO MATSUSAKA Dina’s Thoughts As owner and executive chef of Los Angeles’ popular Beacon Restaurant, Chef Kazuto has become, in my opinion, one of the best Asian American chefs. He left his native Japan at the tender age of 22, hoping to become what
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Best Chefs in America- Srijith Gopinathan

Srijith Gopinathan

CHEF SRIJITH GOPINATHAN Dina’s Thoughts It’s been over four years since I first tasted Chef Sri’s cooking yet the memory of that first meal lingers in my mind as potently as spices permeating the air in an Indian kitchen. It was at Campton Place inside
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Vikas Khanna- Master Chef & Cultural Icon

VIKAS KHANNA- MASTER CHEF & CULTURAL ICON DOB: November 14, 1971 Birthplace: Amritsar, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Chef, Author & Television Host Residence: New York and India Dina’s Thoughts If one were to look at Vikas Khanna’s early life, it wouldn’t be illogical to presume that he would never have
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Vikas Khanna and Dina Yuen

Vikas Khanna: 2017 and Beyond

Vikas Khanna: 2017 and Beyond It had been three years since I first interviewed Chef Vikas; three years since I had first been surprised by how kind, sweet and down to earth this growing worldwide phenomenon still was. In my first interview with him, I
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