Arjun Basu


DOB: December 14, 1966

Birthplace: Canada

Ethnicity: Indian

Occupation: Author

Residence: Canada

Dina’s Thoughts
With well over 130,000 ardent supporters on Twitter, Arjun Basu has stealthily climbed his way to becoming one of the most popular writers in modern social media times. Of Indian descent, Basu most likely has little realization of the vital impact he is having on aspiring Indian and Asian writers who view his work as revolutionary. Creator of Twisters, 140 character short stories on Twitter, Basu reaches more than just his fans on a daily basis. He incites smiles, laughter and raised eyebrows while simultaneously provoking serious contemplation with evocative prose and witty reparté.

Arjun Basu is a writer and editor. Born and raised in Montreal, Arjun has worked as a magazine editor, a children’s book editor and is now the Content Director for an international content marketing company. His first book of short stories, Squishy (DC Books) was published in 2008 and he is currently shopping around his first novel.

For the past two years, he has been writing 140-character short stories on Twitter (called “Twisters”) for which he won a Short Award in 2009. He continues to live in Montreal with his wife and child and he enjoys cooking and small-batch bourbon. He is currently President of the National Magazine Awards Foundation in Canada, a position he’s held since 2010.

Arjun’s Twisters:

Her career fades, she watches it vanish, mist-like, and she thinks, I’m not a guy, and she’s proud of that, she really is. Most of the time.

He knew he had felt this before. I’m being overwhelmed by deja vu, he told her. And now? she asked coyly. That’s more like a rerun, he said.

The thunder woke them and in the electric blue of the lightning, he got a good look at her and he smiled and she said, You don’t deserve me.

He hadn’t felt well recently. He blamed it on her cooking which he thought she took the wrong way especially after he started feeling worse.

He spits and the concrete sizzles, and he lights a smoke and says, Man, it’s hot, and she downs her beer and she says, You don’t fulfill me.

A List of Arjun’s Favorite Works:

Everything by Raymond Carver
Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
The Sportswriter, Richard Ford
The Riders, Tim Winton
the poetry of David McGimpsey


A Touch of Evil (Orson Welles)
Raising Arizona (the Coen brothers)
Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola)
A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrik)!/arjunbasu