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Interview with Award-winning author Sweta Vikram.

Sweta Vikram

Interview with Sweta Vikram Dina’s Thoughts It was late in 2013 when I was first introduced to award-winning writer Sweta Vikram, by another writer, Monica Bhide, who became someone I consider a dear friend. Monica and I had come to know each other as many
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Arjun Basu

ARJUN BASU DOB: December 14, 1966 Birthplace: Canada Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Author Residence: Canada Dina’s Thoughts With well over 130,000 ardent supporters on Twitter, Arjun Basu has stealthily climbed his way to becoming one of the most popular writers in modern social media times. Of
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Indu Sundaresan

INDU SUNDARESAN DOB: n/a Birthplace: New Delhi, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Author Residence: Seattle, Washington Dina’s Thoughts Indu Sundaresan has engaged readers across several generations with her captivating stories focused on Indian history and culture. For a global audience unfamiliar with but fascinated by the
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Anjali Banerjee

ANJALI BANERJEE DOB: Unknown Birthplace: India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Indian Residence: Seattle, Washington Dina’s Thoughts Banerjee has long been creating prize winning literary jewels for both children and adults with a uniquely witty and accessible voice. As one of the most popular and best selling
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Amy Tan

AMY TAN DOB: February 19, 1952 Birthplace: California, United States Ethnicity: Chinese American Occupation: Writer Residence: California, United States Born in the US to immigrant parents from China, Amy Tan failed her mother’s expectations that she become a doctor and concert pianist. She settled on
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