International Icons

Dina interviews actors, musicians, world leaders and celebrities who are creating positive impact either on an international or regional level.

Jeremy Lin

JEREMY LIN DOB: August 23, 1988 Birthplace: Torrance, CA Ethnicity: Chinese Occupation: NBA Residence: USA Dina’s Thoughts What fascinates me about Jeremy Lin is not so much his stardom as a basketball phenomenon but that he has accomplished what only a handful of other Asians
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Kristi Yamaguchi

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI DOB: July 12, 1971 Birthplace: California, United States Ethnicity: Japanese Occupation: Figure Skater & Author Residence: United States Dina’s Thoughts Gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi inspired an entire generation of Asian American athletes to pursue their dreams and achieve that revered gold metal status.
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Shihan Keiko Fukuda

SHIHAN KEIKO FUKUDA DOB: April 12, 1913 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Ethnicity: Japanese Occupation: Judo Master Residence: San Francisco, CA Editor’s Note: Shihan Keiko Fukuda passed away in early 2013. Her students around the world and those of us who were ardent fans continue to feel
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