International Icons

Dina interviews actors, musicians, world leaders and celebrities who are creating positive impact either on an international or regional level.

Brian Hirono

BRIAN HIRONO DOB: June 15 Birthplace: Los Angeles Ethnicity: Japanese Korean Occupation: Actor & Writer Residence: Los Angeles & Kona Dina’s Thoughts In a highly competitive industry that still seeks to stereotype and provides few leading roles for Asian actors, Brian C. Hirono is helping
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Actress turned Skincare Entrepreneur Jennifer Yen talks about what it takes to start a business from scratch and how close she came to giving up.

Jennifer Yen

JENNIFER YEN DOB: October 8, 1978 Birthplace: Taiwan Ethnicity: Chinese Occupation: Actress, Entrepreneur Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts Fans of the ever popular Power Rangers will recognize the gorgeous Jennifer Yen as Vypra in the series’ 8th season, titled Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. While
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Parry Shen

PARRY SHEN DOB: June 26, 1973 Birthplace: New York Ethnicity: Chinese Occupation: Actor Residence: California Dina’s Thoughts on Parry Breaking into Hollywood for an Asian actor is still incredibly difficult today, let alone ten years ago. Learning about Parry’s journey from the east coast moving
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Rahul Khanna

RAHUL KHANNA DOB: June 20, 1972 Birthplace: Mumbai, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Actor Residence: India & USA Dina’s Thoughts Long an advocate of animal rights,¬†Rahul Khanna¬†has been an active voice for PETA India in the efforts to protect elephants. He is one of the few
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