International Icons

Dina interviews actors, musicians, world leaders and celebrities who are creating positive impact either on an international or regional level.

Daphne Phung

DAPHNE PHUNG DOB: January 1975 Birthplace: Vietnam Ethnicity: Chinese Occupation: Activist Residence: San Diego, California Dina’s Thoughts  In an era when child and human trafficking are at an all time high, few citizens of the world have the courage and dedication to tackle these horrifying issues. Child
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Ela Bhatt

ELA BLATT DOB: September 3, 1933 Birthplace: India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Business Woman & Philanthropist Residence: India Dina’s Thoughts Before I and many others of my generation were even born, there was a diminutive woman in newly independent India already single handedly paving the way
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Mike Kim

MIKE KIM DOB: December 11, 1976 Birthplace: Chicago, IL Ethnicity: Korean Occupation: Author & Consultant Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts Amidst a modern Asian culture that all too often prioritizes finances as the only measure of success, author, consultant, human rights activist and expert
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Somaly Mam

SOMALY MAM DOB: n/a Birthplace: Cambodia Ethnicity: Cambodian Occupation: Activist Residence: Cambodia EDITOR’S NOTE- MAY 2014: Due to the recent allegations against Somaly Mam, I struggled with the idea of removing her from my list of International Icons. However, regardless of the outcome of these
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Vikas Khanna- Master Chef & Cultural Icon

VIKAS KHANNA- MASTER CHEF & CULTURAL ICON DOB: November 14, 1971 Birthplace: Amritsar, India Ethnicity: Indian Occupation: Chef, Author & Television Host Residence: New York and India Dina’s Thoughts If one were to look at Vikas Khanna’s early life, it wouldn’t be illogical to presume that he would never have
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