The Peninsula Lounge- Best Restaurants Chicago

While Chicago has its fair share of great eateries, there’s one place that puts all my hard work into perspective. When I sit in the Peninsula Chicago’s Lounge restaurant, sliding into a smooth, satiny chair, I immediately feel all signs of tension ease away with every passing note of soft jazz tones wafting in the background. A formal, elegantly dressed parlor, this lobby lounge and restaurant firmly announces that those of us fortunate enough to partake in its splendor have indeed “arrived.”

A twenty foot soaring glass fa├žade on one wall leaves nothing short of a spectacular view of the windy city’s modern skyline- a fascinating and stark contrast against the hotel’s own rich gold tones, sweeping curtains and gorgeous floral arrangements. To dine here at the Peninsula Lounge is not merely to dine but to leisurely partake in an experience of the senses.

If you are ever in Chicago over a Sunday, don’t be foolish enough to miss the city’s most spectacular and decadent Sunday Brunch at the Lounge. A lavish fare to say the least, Chicago’s elite faithfully frequent the Lounge every Sunday without fail to taste sumptuous morsels of both the savory and sweet. This is, after all the Lounge that hosts the infamous Chocolate smorgasbord as well as my absolute favorite- traditional afternoon tea.

From dainty finger sandwiches to innovative desserts and the best brunch in the Mid-west, the Lounge’s culinary team has been nothing short of brilliant for years and it looks like they’re here to stay. In true Peninsula style, families with little ones will be overjoyed to see how much care and attention is given to making children feel welcome. Platters with children’s favorite finger sandwiches and mini burgers are creatively constructed with charming mini glasses of gummy bears and chocolates, served up with a side of stuffed teddy bear. Who wouldn’t want to be a kid at the Peninsula?

When in Chicago, I’ve come back to the Lounge day after day, never really meaning to make it my obsession but somehow it always ends up that way. I sit back and breathe in the Peninsula Lounge air that seems to make nothing else matter, listen to the lovely voices of classical strings or romantic jazz that is perpetually playing and begin the purposefully slow enjoyment of Chicago’s best afternoon tea.

Peninsula Lounge