Courtyard Restaurant at The Commune by the Great Wall- Best Restaurants in Beijing

To date, dining at the Courtyard Restaurant inside The Commune by the Great Wall hotel is one of the most unforgettable culinary experiences of my life. You may have come across other reviews of this restaurant that weren’t as kind and in order to understand why I’ve placed this on my list of Best Restaurants In the World, you have to go there with correct expectations.

You’re not going to Courtyard at The Commune to find the kind of authentic Pekingese cuisine we go to street stalls for or grandma’s home cooking in some hidden hutong. The Commune by the Great Wall is an eclectic collection of buildings with unusual architecture that come together to form one “hotel” and the reason it’s become so famous? The hotel has a private path to a relatively untouched area of the historic Great Wall of China.

With that unparalleled access, you have the opportunity to dine at the Courtyard Restaurant at a table that (as pictured above) directly overlooks the awe-inspiring Great Wall. If that isn’t reason enough to dine at the restaurant, I don’t know what is.

That’s not to say that the cuisine here isn’t good; it actually is very good. It’s just not Beijing street food. If you can go in with that realization in mind, you’ll find a very memorable dining experience ahead of you with excellent service and well executed Chinese and fusion dishes.¬†Feast on specialties of Peking Roast Duck while sitting outside overlooking the Great Wall; your head will spin even without the rice wine.

Speaking of wine, if you’re an aficionado, you’ll be pleased with their very decent wine list that boasts unusual wines from all over the globe.

This restaurant is a can’t miss for a once in a lifetime dining experience.

Courtyard Restaurant