Holding on to its years long designation as one of the best restaurants in Bali, Ku De Ta is still a favorite by locals and expats for great food and gorgeous setting.

Ku De Ta- Best Restaurants in Bali

Words fall short in attempting to describe the spectacular magnificence that is Bali’s Ku De Ta. This is not just one of my favorite restaurants in Bali; it’s everybody’s. Ku De Ta is open for every meal of the day and everything in between. If you’re expecting a mere restaurant when you come here, you’re in a for a huge shock of the senses. This is the place in Bali to see and be seen with global jet setters and celebrities on rotation.

Enter a world where paradise is redefined, with dark woods and seductive colors, international music spinning in the background with seductive rhythms and the rolling waves of the Indian Ocean just steps away. If you can pull your eyes off of the unbelievable view, you might want to enjoy the food as well.

Fusion cuisine is taken to soaring heights with accents from Bali, Italy, Mexico, India, China, Japan and the Mediterranean. Ku De Ta’s homemade breads are part of what makes their sandwiches and meals unforgettable. Start your day off by taking a whiff of fresh ocean air and munching on warm ricotta hotcakes with fresh strawberries and sweet honeycomb butter. I myself have spent many hours at Ku De Ta, feasting on rare tuna salad with citrus butter, the KDT fried chicken with wasabi mayo (believe me, worth every last calorie) and let’s not forget dessert.

Imagine a light, fluffy warm brioche filled with fried strawberry ice cream topped with a red fruit sake glaze. This is every bit as sinful and luxurious on the tongue as it sounds- deliciously sweet and tart all in one. One of the most unique and lovable aspects of Ku De Ta is their all day “Grazing Menu,” perfect for those who prefer sampling lots of little dishes or for sharing with a group of friends.

Lie down on the plush, comfortable beach chairs provided by the detail oriented staff and watch the waves lap upon the white sand as the sun sets over the horizon, all while you graze on bourbon glazed pork ribs or yakitori skewers. Wash it all down with an addictive mango lassi bellini. Ku De Ta will be an unforgettable experience every bit as the actual trip to magical Bali itself.

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Ku De Ta- Best Restaurants Bali

Ku De Ta- Best Restaurants Bali