La Cantinetta di Rignana- Best Restaurants in Tuscany
A rustic Italian trattorie, La Cantinetta di Rignana is set in the verdant countryside of the Chianti vineyards. Handmade pastas and roasted meats are the specialty here with fresh ingredients from the restaurant’s own farm. Service is excellent as the gracious and affable staff make you feel truly welcome. If you’re in the mood for a charming, intimate setting, choose a table inside where wooden beams and plenty of wine bottles abound. If you prefer fresh air peppered with fragrant flowers and endless rolling green hills, grab a seat outside.

From the savory and cured to the juicy and grilled, La Cantinetta is just as famous for their spectacular meat dishes as they are for their house made pastas. Many of the heavier dishes are accompanied with a lovely side of organic vegetables, handpicked from the farm daily.

As a most unique and memorable trademark, while making the uber fresh pasta, the chefs often regale guests with operatic and folk song interludes. The only thing that could make this Tuscan experience any better is to top of the already fabulous meal with one of their legendary desserts, (panna cotta or white chocolate mousse) with a Chianti wine. Keep in mind that lunch and dinner evoke very different sentiments with the daytime bringing about a relaxed, friendly ambiance while dinner is all about a romantic bon vivante.

The affordable prices for such high quality will seriously entice you to sell whatever belongings you had back home and move here pronto. Though the restaurant can be a bit difficult to find, ask any locals and they’ll all know how to direct you. La Cantinetta has been a long time favorite and will most likely remain as such for decades to come.

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