Clio Restaurant- Best Restaurants in Boston

Clio Restaurant with Chef Ken Oringer at the helm catapults Boston into world-class cuisine status. Here is a French restaurant with Japanese and fusion accents that defies all previous expectations or notions one might have. With classically beautiful beige interiors, Clio immediately lets it be known that you have arrived in a place of true class and elegance.

Given Oringer’s long list of accomplishments and accolades, which include a win over Iron Chef Cat Kora, Conde Nast’s declaration of Silks Restaurant (Mandarin Oriental) as one of America’s Best 20 under Oringer and Gourmet Magazine naming Clio one of America’s Best, set high expectations amongst diners. However high those might be, there are no disappointments to be had here.

Clio’s Toro Tartare is a jewel of a teaser, evaporating on the tongue after the swirl of tangy Yuzu and luscious Osetra caviar explode on the palate.With so many dining options in the greater Boston area, you know you’re in the presence of greatness when a typical and simple dish such as braised chicken is done to perfection. Clio’s Chicken has an earthy essence to it, with a unique turmeric infused mustard sauce, combining French technique and Eastern curry flavors.

Also not to be missed is the decadent Sweet Butter Lobster, perfectly tender, not overcooked.

Every dish coming out of Oringer’s kitchen is a masterpiece of epic proportions- a Monet painting on a plate, swirls of decadent sauces, crisp florettes, edible herbs and flowers chosen to complement the complex layers of flavors instead of as a useless afterthought. Clio is of the stratosphere of world class restaurants whose food aims to make love to you with every luxurious bite and whose service executes flawlessly.

Best of luck trying to decide on which dessert to try; they are all innovative and deserve equal homage. With a rotating dessert menu, try to catch the Sweet Mascarpone Beignet- fluffy doughnuts with the decadent creaminess of Italian Mascarpone cheese and tart contrast of Tangerine ice cream. Presentation at Clio is a true art form and feast of the senses, with a variety of aromatic herbs and sweet flower buds incorporated into Chef Oringer’s classical yet playful and avant-garde display. Guests are intoxicated by the sensual beauty and mesmerized further by the exquisite tastes and scents. With the mind-boggling attention given to every detail, it is a wonder how they manage to maintain such excellent service.

Housed within the Eliot Hotel, Clio’s sister restaurant Uni is just steps away on a lower floor adjacent- another of my favorite restaurants in Boston.

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