Da Delfina- Best Restaurant in Tuscany

In the Tuscan countryside, a hidden gem that Florentines place on the “endangered list of authentic Italian restaurants,” Da Delfina is the epitome of what we travel to Italy for. Delfina (the restaurant is named after her) herself can be found from nearby gardens and forest bringing baskets of wild mushrooms and herbs for the daily specials. A charming and sweet lady, Delfina is the mother of the restaurant that both locals and tourists have a great affinity towards. Despite speaking very little English, she manages to make everybody laugh and feel as if we are having one of the best meals of our lives at an old friend’s house.

Homemade pastas, rich risottos and tender meats roasted over a wood fire are infamous here. Delfina’s food is unlike anything else I’ve ever tasted in Italy, able to bring about a calm sense of joy that I can only attribute to her obvious passion and years of dedication in a family kitchen. The alluring aromas of the roasting meats and their decadent dripping juices beckon guests’ attention away from the spectacular magnificence of the Italian countryside while simple Tomato sauce in the pasta dishes bursts with the freshness of the Tuscan wind.

Everything on the menu is fresh and locally grown. Though perhaps “locally_grown” is a bit too generic to describe the adjoining gardens from which Delfina and her team pick vegetables and herbs daily. To complement the incredible cuisine, a long list of wines is available, though one would be smart to choose the Tuscan vintages for a truly authentic experience.

With a relaxed, charming ambiance, one can dine either inside the rustic wood and brick enclave or out on the terrace under the Tuscan sun overlooking the rolling hills spotted with olive trees and grapevines. Great service, great food, spectacular surroundings and reasonable prices easily explain the undying love people have for Delfina. Italian heaven.

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