Fu Jia Lou- Best Restaurants in Beijing

Fu Jia Lou is somewhat of an institution in Beijing and depending on which local you ask, opinions will be varied but definitely strong. Its specialty is old style Pekinese cuisine, the likes of which used to be considered delicacies back in the good old dynasty days; the likes of which a more Americanized younger generation may not have the palate to appreciate.

With a lively and loud crowd, you can sit amidst antique furnishings and cool gray tones (imagine the restaurants you see in old kung fu movies) and feast on an array of mouthwatering Beijing noodles and cold appetizers such as pickled cabbage with hot mustard sauce and steamed tripe. Prices are inexpensive, making the experience all the more worthwhile.

Service is neither rude nor overly gracious; it’s exactly what you would expect if you were a wandering traveler in olden day China. English is not widely spoken here so either learn the food language or bring along a native speaker to order. These minor inconveniences only add to the authenticity that is Fu Jia Lou. Try to go during off-peak hours so you can linger over a dozen different dishes and sip tea brewed from hand-picked leaves off local mountains in leisure while listening to the din of Beijing Mandarin.

23 Dongsishitiao, Beijing
P: 86-10-8403-7831