The Spice Route- Best Restaurants New Delhi

Its rating as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by many international publications is no exaggeration. In the ever awe-inspiring Imperial Hotel in Delhi, The Spice Route lives up to its reputation. The menu is a beautiful melange of Southeast Asian cuisine, showcasing flavors from India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia, with a strong emphasis on Thailand.

Thai Pomelo and Grilled Prawn Salad bursts with tangy flavors and is a refreshing respite from the Delhi heat. Malabar King Snapper has well-rounded tones with a deep spice that tingles on the tongue deliciously. Lentil Dumplings in Kerala Curry exudes quintessential Indian spices and rounds out a sumptuous feast.

No less spectacular than the actual cuisine at The Spice Route, prompt and genuinely warm service complements an unforgettable backdrop of rich fabrics, red woods and gold tones. The Spice Route has resurrected olden days of luxurious splendor in dining with gold stitched tablecloths and napkins, silver chargers and two seating venues, both equally stunning. The indoor Spice Route is adorned in intricately carved Thai rooftops, long wooden columns, hand-painted murals and numerous works of art from various Asian countries that trace the original Spice Route.

On a cool Delhi evening, be sure to reserve the outdoor Sala for traditional royal style dining in the exterior section of The Spice Route. Outdoors, a continuation of northern Thai sculptures is the theme, along with khantok (floor) seating on plush pillows in vibrant jewel tones. Take pleasure in the wafting lullaby of the nearby mosaic tile water fountain, perfectly strewn with fragrant flower petals and floating candles. The Spice Route is a journey of the senses, evoking glorious emotions with decadent flavors and sumptuous interiors that few restaurants are capable of doing nowadays. Having been fortunate enough to dine at The Spice Route several times, I still can’t decide whether the outstanding food or the gorgeous design of the restaurant is what lingers most profoundly in my memory.

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