Shree Balaji Chaat- Best Street Food Delhi

Though India is home to many of the world’s finest and classiest restaurants, a true traveler and foodie cannot leave India without venturing through crowded, narrow streets with the alluring scent of frying ghee and steaming Masala Chai. In the historic parts of Delhi, run down shops doing business of all types ranging from shoe repair to selling small electronics, colorful Indian fabrics and cheap jewelry, sit side by side with food vendors sporadically strewn about the streets. The melodic sounds of Hindi fly by at lightning speed with a slight shaking of the head as rupees are quickly exchanged for street snacks.

Of course, even the most cast iron of stomachs must take care not to overdo the adventurous eating for fear of contracting some horrid maladie, but there are some food stalls that serve up fabulous Indian goodies with decent hygiene. Shree Balaji is located in Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk marketplace, an area which has existed for hundreds of years. An entire afternoon would hardly be enough to explore these quaint alleyways filled with the above mentioned merchants.

Aromatic and tantalizing food abounds every which way, with Shree Balaji heading the list of most popular local haunts. Such traditional snacks as Gol Goppas (crispy dough wafers, served with boiled potatoes, chick peas, chili, yoghurt and tamarind chutney), flaky samosas along with sweet and sticky Gulab Jamun are only a few of the long list of Shree Balaji’s offerings. The Gol Goppas are the best here, perfectly thin with the savory condiments and dipping sauce. Come here with a love interest and you could almost feel like you’re in a famous Bollywood scene.

This is a fantastic snack shop to relax in between shopping sprees in Old Delhi.

1462 Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi