Graziano’s- Best Argentinian Restaurant in Miami
One of my favorite things to do in a city I’ve just moved to or am traveling to for the first few times is to seek the eateries that only locals go to, those hidden jewels that aren’t necessarily well known by all the popular food and travel books. Graziano’s Coral Gables is part of a family chain that includes several restaurants. The Coral Gables location which has gained our love is a mélange of a small market and deli meets casual café. Locals favor Graziano’s for weekend brunches, casual lunches and an alluring variety of baked goods.

If you are ever in Miami and must choose one afternoon snack or one breakfast, stop in for Graziano’s variety of oven fresh, warm empanadas, particularly the Pancetta and the Cheese and Onion. While these soft, flaky savory pastries find their origin in different parts of the world, those made in Miami are generally thought to hail from Argentina. Biting into the Pancetta empanada yields a very warm burst of sweet and savory smoky flavor from the sinful pork cooked in a luscious burgundy colored sauce in which I detect some essence of red wine. The pastry shell is perfectly flaky and oh so buttery. 

Graziano’s is a family friendly place so after one bite into the empanada, please do take care not to make overtly lustful facial expressions despite the fact that your palate is being decadently molested by the seemingly innocent pastry. If you can tear your lips off of the empanada, Graziano’s also has a very respectable list of popular Italian and American sandwiches, hot foods, a lovely assortment of marinated artichokes, mushrooms and the like, and of course, an extensive selection of diabolical desserts.

If you’re looking for Argentinian grilled meats, you’ll find a great selection here as well from the classic Parrillada to Churrasco. Graziano’s is the perfect place in Miami for a leisurely breakfast or casual gourmet lunch.

Grab a Cuban coffee to jolt your afternoon along with a tropical fruit tartlet and sit outside, basking in the infamous Miami sunlight while people watching. For those of you wine aficionados, Graziano’s is also famous for their large selection of fine wines that pair a little too beautifully with their many sweet and savory goodies. Once you’re done indulging, you may want to peruse the market to purchase their in-house made salsas or tropical jams that make for wonderful souvenirs. We wouldn’t blame you if Graziano’s was the only place you stopped by at on a short trip to Miami.

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