Winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin, causing ordinarily oily skin to become patchy and dry skin to become even drier. These are my personal picks for the skincare and beauty must-haves for Winter 2015.

AmorePacific Time Response Skin Renewal Crème
If you suffer from dry, flaky skin or if you often get that tight, itchy feeling on your face, AmorePacific’s Time Response Skin Renewal Crème is the answer for you. With a delicate peach scent, this ultra-thick and luxurious crème glides on like perfectly whipped dense mousse. While I have oily/combination skin, this crème didn’t leave a greasy residue or make me break out after several weeks of use.


Chantecaille Detox MaskThere are some skincare products that you come across and immediately sense its potency and superior quality. Whether it’s from the packaging, which is neither cheap plastic nor so extravagant that it makes you wonder what you’re really paying for, something about Chantecaille skincare products reeks of grace and power.READ MORE

Chantecaille Stress Repaire Eye ConcentrateThe first sign of our age is our eyes. This fact alone has turned eye care into a deep obsession for me. Those of you familiar with my skincare routine and beauty reviews have likely heard me expunge on my various obsessions but eye care is definitely at the very top of that totem pole.READ MORE

Dr. Gross Medi Spa PeelFew skincare products have the wherewithal to make me astounded with their potency and efficacy at all, let alone after just one application. Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel was such one product whose immediate results were dramatic enough to keep me at the mirror far longer than usual just so I could inspect my skin thoroughly and marvel at its smoothness.READ MORE

Eminence Green Tea Guava SerumWhile most serums are intended to be used only at night, after toner and prior to moisturizing, one of my all time favorite serums- the Green Tea and Guava Fortifying Serum from Eminence- is perfect for morning/daytime use. With a delicious scent of real guava fruit, this orange colored light serum feels more like a gel moisturizer between your fingers.READ MORE

Farm House Fresh Sweet Tea Body ScrubThe first time I laid eyes on Farm House Fresh’s Sweet Tea Body Scrub and got a whiff of its lightly sweet aroma, I was reminded of lazy afternoons in Savannah, Georgia, sipping ice cold peach teas on the veranda of the Granite Steps Bed & Breakfast. If this image sounds like it’s out of the pages of a Southern belle’s diary, well, that is exactly what this Sweet Tea Body Scrub makes me feel like- an ultra feminine, vamp of a Southern belle.READ MORE

Hydropeptide Refining SerumAs much as I’d like to report that my skin is always at its best and consistently flawless, I just can’t do that. As much as I eat very well, take generally good care of myself and have an obsession with good skincare habits, I still get the occasional bout of breakouts. Sometimes it’s because I’m traveling a lot and exposing my skin to harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes I get accidentally dehydrated. Other times, there are just hormonal changes my body goes through that I can’t control 100% of the time.READ MORE

Juara Jasmine Tea Body Gel & Lotion DuoIt’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with Asian skincare secrets and products since I was a teenager. It was during those formative years that I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Southeast Asia, particularly Bali and Thailand, both places that possess millennia of priceless skincare and beauty secrets. READ MORE

Le Mieux Eye Firming MaskIf you love watching stars on the red carpet, you’ll have noticed their stellar make-up and how bright their eye zone is. While expert make-up application certainly goes a long way to create those bright eyes, there are other behind the scenes secrets that celebrities and many of us use.READ MORE

Shiseido Face Color Enhancing TrioThose of you familiar with me know that I’ve long stood staunchly against plastic surgery and have spoken out against it numerous occasions. World famous as the plastic surgery capital is Korea, where a disproportionate number of women, influenced by Korean and American entertainment, go under the knife. A close second practice to surgery is a make-up trick called “contouring.”