Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel

Few skincare products have the wherewithal to make me astounded with their potency and efficacy at all, let alone after just one application. Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel was such one product whose immediate results were dramatic enough to keep me at the mirror far longer than usual just so I could inspect my skin thoroughly and marvel at its smoothness.

Like any beauty product reviewer, I’m a skeptic. I’ve had the fortune to travel around the world and try hundreds (if not thousands by now) of skincare and make-up products. Many have been good; many have been terrible. A few stand out as the forever must-haves because they truly change the health and appearance of our skin, which in turn has profound effects on how we navigate through daily life.

The Promise
As stated by Dr. Gross:
The Medi-Spa Peel is packed with antioxidants and a blend of 15 acids to help fight visible signs of aging, resurface, and moisturize. Plant-based rehmannia glutinosa root extract helps to fight free radicals, while the two-step delivery system exfoliates and hydrates with lactic acid. This weekly, at-home treatment and unique, luxurious formulation reveals younger-looking skin. Step 1 is a presoaked peel pad to gently nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while the Step 2 Firming Peptide Milk neutralizes the skin and enhances acid benefits.

The set includes:
– 16 x Step 1 Multi-Acid Concentrate Pads
– 0.5 oz Step 2 Firming Peptide Milk

Main Ingredients:

  • Rehmannia Glutinosa Root: Supports natural collagen and maintains acid efficiency.
  • Glycolic Acid: Reduces visible signs of aging.
  • Retinol: Helps smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles; supports natural collagen.
  • Salicyclic Acid: Reduces pore blockages and supports natural collagen.

The first time I ever used Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Medi Peel, I must admit, I was extremely skeptical as to what a little round scratchy pad that was just a bit larger than a regular cotton pad could actually accomplish. I followed the instructions and buffed my skin in circles with the pad, concentrating on cheeks, nose, chin and in that little crevice between eyebrows. Then followed an application of the accompanying peptide milk lotion.

It was when my fingers massaged the lotion in that I felt the first bolt of shock. Just minutes prior to using the round pad, I had washed my face with my usual foaming cleanser, working the cleanser into my skin with my fingers as well. My skin did not feel anywhere near as soft and smooth as it did when I was applying the peptide milk lotion. I ran my fingers over my nose, often annoyingly plagued by blackheads even soon after extraction. My entire t-zone was silken.

I was in such disbelief to these results that I turned on an extra set of bathroom lights and stood with my face an inch away from the mirror inspecting every area of my face like Ferran Adria inspects every molecular gastronomy dish that comes out of his kitchen. Blackheads were completely gone without extraction. That fact alone was enough to make me scream “hallelujah.” Stubborn discolorations from old acne spots and sun spots were significantly lightened to the point where my own very critical eyes could see a difference. 

I took the packaging of the peel and asked myself “what the heck is in this thing that it works so well?”

After one month of once weekly use, pretty much all of the stubborn old acne spots have faded into distant memory. Sun spots are lighter. Skin tone over all is very smooth, soft; pores appearing tighter than before. Week after week, it looks like I’ve just had microdermabrasion done on a consistent basis.

The only question I have remaining is why on earth it took this long for me to discover Dr. Gross and his Medi Spa Peel.

At US $110 for 16 treatments in one package which will last 4 months with once weekly usage, this is a must-have at home skin treatment which will capture the best of your skin and maintain it for years to come without far more costly dermatologist visits, facial visits and dreaded plastic surgery.

You can purchase this Medi Spa Peel at various stores including Dr. Gross’ website, Sephora, Amazon and specific retailers in your area.

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