Le Mieux TGF-B Firming Eye Mask

If you love watching stars on the red carpet, you’ll have noticed their stellar make-up and how bright their eye zone is. While expert make-up application certainly goes a long way to create those bright eyes, there are other behind the scenes secrets that celebrities and many of us use.

One of my favorite tools for achieving a flawless, fresh-looking eye zone is Le Mieux’s TGF-B Firming Eye Mask. Much like one of my other favorite Le Mieux skincare products- the Bio Cell Mask, this Firming Eye Mask is instantly cooling and hydrating. Available in little silver packets, the eye mask is shaped to cover the entire eye region including the sensitive skin underneath, with a hole to allow you to open your eyes if necessary.

The moment you place the mask on your eye region, you’ll feel a comforting coolness, similar to using cold cucumber slices. Whether you’re constantly battling fine lines and puffiness or you had a previous night of too much fun, this eye mask will restore a smooth, deeply hydrated appearance and feeling to the entire eye region. Fine lines vanish in 15 minutes; eyes are de-bloated and even dark circles lighten dramatically. The cool tingly sensation lasts for a good hour or so, even after applying other lotions and make-up.

Long term use of Le Mieux’s eye masks helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production in that sensitive eye region. In just 15 minutes (for each use), you can achieve that instant eye lift, as if you’ve had the best sleep of your life and ready to flash those bright eyes on any red carpet.

Available in a pack of 4 eye masks for ~US $12 online or contact Le Mieux directly.