HydroPeptide Redefining Serum- Best Acne Solution

As much as I’d like to report that my skin is always at its best and consistently flawless, I just can’t do that. As much as I eat very well, take generally good care of myself and have an obsession with good skincare habits, I still get the occasional bout of breakouts. Sometimes it’s because I’m traveling a lot and exposing my skin to harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes I get accidentally dehydrated. Other times, there are just hormonal changes my body goes through that I can’t control 100% of the time.

Earlier this summer was one of those times when I had a couple of jawline breakouts- you might be familiar with them- those horribly inflamed, red bumps that you can’t even squeeze. You can try to put a hundred different types of specialty gels, creams and lotions promising to heal that cystic acne but nothing works. Most of those products end up drying out all the surrounding skin so that you have peeling, dry patches but still left with that big, red bump.

While I’ve been a long time fan of the HydroPeptide line of skincare, it was only earlier this summer that I discovered their Redefining Serum. HydroPeptide promises that this serum is anti-aging, promotes spot-free complexion, improves skin tone and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Does it deliver?

Let’s start with the superficial aspects. This Redefining Serum has an opaque, off-white color in a gel-like consistency. Upon first application, it glided on my skin for an instantly silky smooth feeling. It has a very faint scent of Korean melon and left a slightly cool, tingly sensation that lasted just a few minutes after application.

Now here’s the breakdown of the features of this particular formula (if you’re not patient, you can skip down to the results):

6 Peptides including a Clearing Peptide, Retinoic-Like Peptide, Radiance Peptide, Anti-Redness, Protective Peptide (has an antioxidant effect and protects against UV damage)and Preservative Peptide (superior hormonal aging benefits including clearer, more even, youthful-looking skin)

Sacred Lily Dormins increase skin elasticity by 10% in 28 days and firmness by 11% in the same time frame. Reduces wrinkles by 18% in 42 days. When plants are dormant, they protect themselves from unfavorable environmental factors and growth conditions by producing dormins. Once dormins are removed, growth resumes. Sacred Lily Dormins are shown to slow down cell proliferation, maintain healthier skin and provide better skin protection. Slows melanoma cell proliferation by affecting ET-1, a marker for melanocytes proliferation and melanin synthesis and completely inhibited the IL1a-included upregulation of ET1 – preventing pigment spots.

Seabuckthorn Berry– possesses anti-aging, micro-circulating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, natural UV blocking properties. Offers over 190 bio-active substances to the skin, which is why it carries so many healing properties. It has nearly 200 times the amount of vitamin C than carrots, and nearly 136 times more vitamin A than in tomatoes. Provides 22 essential fatty acids, including Omegas 3, 6, 9 and the hard-to-find Omega 7. Seabuckthorn acts internally and externally on the three main acne culprits: immune system and endocrine (hormone) imbalances, and chronic inflammation. Seabuckthorn contains several potent natural anti-inflammatory agents (including quercetin and salycins), as well as several groups of micronutrients (including Omegas 3,6, 7 and 9) that work together to balance and regulate the body’s hormonal and immune systems. Topical Seabuckthorn applications soften, strengthen and reduce scarring, swelling and inflammation, allowing the skin to finally break the inflammatory cycle and heal itself. Seabuckthorn is also a mild analgesic, which discourages scratching and picking.

Free of:
– Gluten
– Artificial Fragrance
– Parabens
– Phenoxyethanol
– PEG’s
– Phthalate
– Sulfates

So now that you’ve sat through this long, detailed description of the serum’s major components, the million dollar question is- did this product deliver on its promises?

The night that I was going to use this Redefining Serum for the first time, I had two unsightly big red bumps on my jawline, right near each other. Despite having oily/combination skin, I’m blessed to usually have smooth, clear skin through a combination of good genes, eating right, sleeping right and of course, my obsessive skincare routine. Early this summer though, something with my hormones must have gone out of balance to have given me those two horrid red mountains- a type of cystic acne I have NEVER had in my life, not even as a teenager.

I went through my usual nightly skincare routine- cleansing, exfoliating (I exfoliate 3 times per week), rinsing, patting ever so gently with a face towel. Then came toner, eye cream and finally, this HydroPeptide Redefining Serum– softly spreading it all over my face and half my neck so that my jawline would be included. As I mentioned earlier- it glided on for an immediately silky smooth finish. I was surprised at how soft my skin felt so quickly, but I wasn’t in love yet. Instant softness is one thing; succeeding in its mission is another story all together. After about 2 minutes, I applied my night cream.

The next morning I went to do my morning skincare routine, having forgotten about the serum completely in a somewhat sleepy haze. I splashed cold water on and followed with my foaming cleanser. As my fingers circulated the cleanser all over my face and neck, I suddenly realized something was different. My right hand fingers were not stumbling over two huge mountains on my jawline. Convinced that I was imagining things, I opened my eyes and there it was. Or rather, there it was NOT. Those two huge pencil erasers were no longer there. I still couldn’t believe it so kept running my fingers over the area again and again. All I felt were very slight raises of the skin, like what happens when you get a mild reaction to a mosquito bite. The area was nearly flat and went from inflamed red to baby pink in one night.

It did not seem possible but there my jawline was- I could see it again. After having tried so many other products promising to “disinfect, treat, dry out, go to the root of the problem, etc, etc,” I was in complete shock. I even skyped my sister and showed her my jawline to make sure I wasn’t imagining that the two mountains had disappeared.

One week later after nightly use of the serum, other light but stubborn spots that had remained for months also significantly diminished nearly back to my usually smooth, creamy skin. Zero dry patches, zero irritation, zero negative side effects.

One month later, all is silken splendor, slightly tighter and of course, no fine lines or wrinkles in sight.

At US $130 for 1 oz bottle, some of you might consider this expensive. Consider the alternative though- wasting ten, twenty, thirty dollars countless times on products that not only do not deliver but make your skin worse. Consider visits to the dermatologist or facialist, all adding up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Consider how horrible it feels to slap on layers of concealer everyday, hiding parts or all of your face when you should be confidently going about your day and living life.

The price of clear, youthful, beautiful skin, the price of walking out of your house feeling fabulous about yourself- it’s priceless. A 1 oz bottle at US $130 doesn’t seem so much for all of that in return. Did I mention the bottle last for about 2 months with regular nightly use?

HydroPeptide’s Redefining Serum will redefine your face, and in some ways, your life.

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