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Tempura Matsui- the best tempura in New York also has housemade udon and soba as well as a divine Matcha custard.

Tempura Matsui

Tempura Matsui- Best Tempura in New York Outside of Asia, I rarely go near Tempura, especially in most restaurants in the United States. In general, I rarely eat deep fried foods and on top of this, the off occasion when I decide to indulge, it
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Of the best sushi restaurants in New York, Sushi Nakazawa solidifies its place in the Top 3 not just in NY but all of America. Trio of Tuna pictured here.

Sushi Nakazawa- Best Sushi Restaurants in New York

Sushi Nakazawa New York One of the best sushi restaurants in New York, really in all of America, Sushi Nakazawa is as good as it gets outside of Japan. Helmed by proprietor and Chef Daisuke Nakazawa who will forever be linked to the legendary Jiro
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Omakase Restaurant San Francisco- Nigiri Sushi credit Jeremy Chung

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco

Omakase Restaurant San Francisco The mere term ‘omakase’ elicits images of fine Japanese establishments with revered masters behind wooden counters determining exactly what experience guests will encounter in that one moment in time. In the Western world, for better or worse, ‘omakase’ has become synonymous
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Rising Tohoku Food Fair 2015

Cultural Event for Families Promotes Global Awareness of Post-Earthquake Recovery in Tohoku, Japan Los Angeles – The Rising Tohoku Food Fair 2015, which celebrates the charms and cultural diversity of the Tohoku region of Japan, will take place August 20-23, 2015 at Mitsuwa Marketplace in
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Uni Sashimi Bar- Best Sashimi in Boston

Uni Sashimi Bar- Best Sashimi in Boston It is no secret that I’m a fan girl of Chef Ken Oringer’s. I think the man is one of the most brilliant chefs in America and I have yet to come across a restaurant of his that I
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Amayori- Luxurious Body Rituals in Japanese Skincare

Amayori- Luxurious Body Rituals in Japanese Skincare If you’ve ever had the immense pleasure of visiting Japan and in particular, experiencing a traditional Japanese bath or Onzen, you know that like much else of Japanese culture, baths are taken with deliberate and structured passion. Purifying
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Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles

Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles I’m constantly in search of great sushi at affordable prices, but in Burbank, this can be tough to find. Nestled in the corner of San Fernando Boulevard and Orange Grove Avenue, Kabuki serves up mouth-watering fusion rolls and piping-hot ramen bowls
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Agedashi Tofu- Easy Tofu Recipes

Agedashi Tofu- Easy Tofu Recipes Authentic Agedashi Tofu like it’s made in Japan is difficult to find even in the best Japanese restaurants outside of Japan. In Japan, the best Agedashi Tofu is made with silken tofu and has a perfectly light crisp exterior but a chewy
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Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA

Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA In cities across the globe that boast an ethnic town such as Chinatown, Koreatown or Little Italy, the restaurants of those “towns” are typically shunned by locals due to the fact that they tend to cater to tourists. Serving
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