Amayori- Luxurious Body Rituals in Japanese Skincare

If you’ve ever had the immense pleasure of visiting Japan and in particular, experiencing a traditional Japanese bath or Onzen, you know that like much else of Japanese culture, baths are taken with deliberate and structured passion. Purifying one’s body and caring for the skin is as much a ritual as any art form in one of my favorite countries in the world.

I recently met Francoise Decatrel, who is the founder of Japanese Bath-inspired skincare line Amayori.

“While traveling in Japan I learned that for many, bathing is a meditative practice – a time to renew, revive, relax and cleanse the soul. Upon taking a bath one emerges calm and refreshed. This is the same experience that we bring to you with our natural  luxury bath and body-care products and luxury aromatherapy fragrance rituals,” Francoise says of Amayori.

And she is absolutely correct about the culture of bathing in Japan- it is a meditative practice for many people. For others it is a time to simply tune out the outside world and focus on that one pure moment, which in essence, is a form of meditation. Decatrel is deeply passionate about sharing her beautifully crafted skincare products, hoping to encourage women around the world to recognize bathing as a restful ritual instead of a rushed, thoughtless act.

A couple of months ago she kindly sent me the Amayori Introduction Set, which includes:

  • Mood Spray – 1.7 fl oz
  • Shower Gel – 1.7 fl oz
  • Hikaru Bath, Shower and Body Oil – 1.7 fl oz
  • Bath Salts – 4 oz (one use)
  • Shower Mochi – Aromatherapy Shower Tablets  – (one 1.4 oz tablet)

The Introduction Set is available in five signature fragrance “rituals,” each scent purposefully created to evoke a different mood and experience through aromatherapy. Sets are stunningly presented in a reusable wood box whose top slides open, reminding me instantly of Shoji (traditional Japanese doors). From the moment of unraveling this treasure box, I already felt transported to Japan; for me, a very welcome feeling.

The Mood Spray is multi-purpose- usable for your body, the air or on linens. If you’re someone who adores setting moods via gorgeous scents in your home, you will love this Mood Spray.

The Shower Gel does a good job of moisturizing while cleansing, with a slight foaming property when used with a bath sponge, its scent alluring but delicately resting in the warm air of the shower.

My number one favorite Amayori product which is part of my staple now is the Hikaru Bath, Shower and Body Oilluxuriously silky on the skin and doubles as both moisturizer and perfume. It is divine to know that enveloping my skin in this beautiful oil will not only keep me hydrated throughout the day but also add a gorgeous sheen to my legs while simultaneously nixing the need for a separate perfume.

Bath Salts and the adorable Mochi are both winners as well- the salts beautifully scenting the bath water and lingering on your skin for hours after, and the Mochi dissolving slowly as you shower, the delicate scent wafting slowly into the air.

This Introduction Set also includes a bamboo bath sponge which does a phenomenal job of sloughing off dead skin and in conjunction with the Amayori Shower Gel, leaves skin at its silkiest and softest.

Amayori derives its name from two words: Amaya meaning night rain and Kayori meaning beautifully scented.

Scents available:

The Onsen Ritual– Deep, Meditative Relaxation

The Geisha Ritual– Strength & Self-Posession

The Kamo River Ritual– Calm & Tranquility

The Zen Morning Ritual– Mindful Energy

The Dreams of Gion Ritual– Peaceful, Restorative Sleep

I won’t attempt to describe each Ritual’s scent- preference of these lovely aromatherapies are highly personal and subjective but I can attest to the fact that they all evoke exactly the emotions and ambiance that they are intended to. Incorporating traditional Japanese ingredients including Camellia Seed (Tsubaki), Rice Bran, Green Tea, Sea Salt, Kelp, Sake and Yuzu, Amayori’s skincare products are of a quality that uphold the beauty and purity of Japanese bathing as a ritual.

Gift yourself these affordable yet luxurious sets or gift one to a woman you love. Amayori also has individual skincare products for purchase. For those of you who travel often like I do- the Introduction Sets are perfect for traveling! Now you can bring a touch of luxurious self pampering everywhere you go!

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