Best Hotels In The World

Dina's favorite hotels around the world are ones that create lifetime memories for Guests with service that is genuine, seamless and detail-oriented.

Amandari- always on a list of the best hotels in Bali, this luxury hotel has private villas with plunge pools and open air massages.


Amandari Hotel- Best Hotels in Bali If there were ever a hotel that I could make my permanent home, Amandari is it. Here is a Balinese haven where the cliche ‘paradise on earth’ is no longer just a cliche, but a beautiful, glorious reality. Set
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Amanjiwo- the best hotel in Yogyajakarta nestled near the historic Borobudur Temple.


Amanjiwo- Best Hotel Yogyakarta An unreal dream… this best describes the experience that is Amanjiwo, one of the most spectacular man made creations in the world. Nestled in rural central Java, the main island of Indonesia, Amanjiwo is about an hour’s drive from Yogyakarta and
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Ritz Carlton Jakarta- my go to hotel in Indonesia's capital city where quiet luxury meets gold standard service.

Ritz Carlton Jakarta

Ritz Carlton Jakarta-Best Hotels in Jakarta One enters the majestic lobby feeling as if the best of the Renaissance era has come to life as gleaming marble, crystal chandeliers, rich artwork and stunning flower arrangements envelope the senses. The outside world ceases to exist and
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