Amandari Hotel- Best Hotels in Bali

If there were ever a hotel that I could make my permanent home, Amandari is it. Here is a Balinese haven where the cliche ‘paradise on earth’ is no longer just a cliche, but a beautiful, glorious reality. Set amidst the lush jade green backdrop of Central Bali’s forests, Amandari is the envy of all resorts. There is a comforting sense of coming home upon arrival at Amandari, its scenes and tranquility, strangely familiar.

Guests revel in the decadent privacy of exquisitely appointed thatched-roof villa suites, each with a garden courtyard and outdoor sunken marble bathtub. The sensation of sliding the doors of your private villa and slipping into a tropical flower bath makes all memories of an outside world disappear. Amandari has remained true to its local architecture and design, incorporating coconut wood and rattan in the suites while adding opulent touches of hand-woven silk batiks and honey-colored marble floors.

Sleeping in the four poster bed is a luxury in itself, with the finest linens and batik hanging above. Charming, cozy and elegantly Balinese, the villas are difficult to leave behind, but there is much to experience beyond the stone pathways. Like many of the Aman properties, Amandari has its signature swimming pool, lined with emerald green tiles, seemingly falling into the endless expanse of rice paddy terraces below. It is effortless to assimilate into this mystical world, with its clean, crisp air, the melodic rustling of the streams flowing in the distance and a genuinely outstanding level of service.

Amandari’s Restaurant allows Bali’s natural breeze to filter through as you dine on native Indonesia delicacies and lose yourself to the mesmerizing views. Not to be missed is Amandari Spa, with its spectacular setting and unique services. One of these is a blind reflexologist, who, with the greatest intuition, is able to ease away every bit of stress still lingering within you, by massaging and stretching your feet in ways that will make you wonder how you can possibly smuggle this man home with you. The other is a renowned local healer, who prescribes native concoctions that will heal the most troubling aches and pains that your physicians back home were stymied over.
Indulge in the Spa’s treatments while lying in the secluded, open air bale, surrounded by a lotus pond.

Amandari has local guides who will steer you through the wonderful and exotic maze of Ubud’s wealth of shops specializing in Balinese arts, wood carvings, batik and jewelers. The rest of Bali must also be explored in depth, with numerous Kecak dance performances, Monkey Jungle (the monkeys here are feisty and seem to have an affinity for Gucci sunglasses), cultural shows, quaint eateries and of course, many of the earth’s most spectacular beaches. Bali is a fantasy world, and Amandari its glowing star.