Amanjiwo- Best Hotel Yogyakarta

An unreal dream… this best describes the experience that is Amanjiwo, one of the most spectacular man made creations in the world. Nestled in rural central Java, the main island of Indonesia, Amanjiwo is about an hour’s drive from Yogyakarta and more importantly, right near the 1300 year old Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

Surrounded by mountains and volcanos, there is a mysticism about Amanjiwo, (which translates into ‘peaceful soul’), that is impossible to capture with mere words. What is considered an ordinary daily activity- dining, here becomes a fantasy, under massive columns of beige Yojya limestone in a circular rotunda with views of misty clouds amidst the distant, lush emerald green mountains. Take a swim in the infinity pool right at sunset and I promise, you will be moved to tears by the sheer beauty of pastel purples receding behind gently swaying fronds of coconut trees.

Amanjiwo is the furthest thing from your typical tropical resort. Wake up on a sunny, warm morning and journey through the magnificence. The majestic Borobudur seems an arm’s length away as you stand at the top of a stone walkway, immersed in a shroud of spiritual silence while fragrant tropical flowers waft in the pure air. Every aspect of life here blends harmoniously- from the cool breeze, the plush king beds resting on a raised terrazzo daise, to the romantic lighting throughout Amanjiwo that glitters in Central Java’s darkness like yellow diamonds in the sky. Intricately carved Javanese coconut wood furniture adorns the palatial guest quarters, with sliding doors that lead to private plunge pools and lounging bales.

Service at Amanjiwo, though in keeping with Aman’s unprecedented and unparalleled standards of excellence, is raised to ever greater heights of perfection. The staff seems to intuit your every desire, knowing what you want and when you want it. To be treasured is their extraordinary feat of disappearing, when you, the royal guest, need alone time to be at one with spiritual paradise.