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Lady M Confections is one of the best bakeries in America and home to the best Matcha Mille Crepe stateside.

Lady M Confections

Lady M Confections- One of the best bakeries in America, also home to the best Matcha Mille Crepe stateside Desserts- that sweet filled part of our world that so many of you skip main meals to get to, that many slave hours at the gym
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Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey- the best hotel in Los Angeles where city meets seaside.

Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey To date, I am very fortunate to have visited and stayed at around 30 Ritz Carlton properties around the world, all of them with teams that strive to be the very best in hospitality. As someone who has traveled extensively
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Simbal- Crispy Sweet Potato

Simbal Restaurant

Simbal- Best New Restaurant in LA It was one of my favorite chefs who told me to head to Simbal; James Beard Award winning Chef David Myers raved about his protegé Shawn Pham. Having long respected Myers’ palate and leadership at various restaurants, I made
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La Cachette Bistro- Best French Bistro Los Angeles

La Cachette Bistro- Best French Bistro Los Angeles French country romantic is what guests can expect at La Cachette Bistro, otherwise known as The Hideaway. Aptly named, this Southern California jewel transports diners into foodie heaven with exceptional service and French and fusion cuisine unlike
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Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles

Kabuki Restaurant Los Angeles I’m constantly in search of great sushi at affordable prices, but in Burbank, this can be tough to find. Nestled in the corner of San Fernando Boulevard and Orange Grove Avenue, Kabuki serves up mouth-watering fusion rolls and piping-hot ramen bowls
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MV Ink

MV Ink Having won Top Chef Season 6, it came as no surprise that Chef Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant in Los Angeles was a highly anticipated debut with food critics and fans around the country eagerly waiting. Not being familiar with MV’s run on Top
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Chosun Galbee- Best Korean Restaurants in LA

Chosun Galbee

Chosun Galbee It’s a well known fact that America’s best Korean restaurants rest in the greater Los Angeles area, where a large Korean population exists. How then do we decipher what’s real and what passes as third or fourth generation recipes, catering to a more
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Ritz Carlton Los Angeles- Best Hotels Los Angeles

Ritz Carlton Los Angeles- Best Hotels Los Angeles It’s no secret that LA has its share of famous hotels, made all the more glamorous by Hollywood celebrities’ presence. Over the past two years though, there’s been a new kid on the hotel block, quietly usurping
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Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA

Sushi Gen- Best Japanese Restaurant LA In cities across the globe that boast an ethnic town such as Chinatown, Koreatown or Little Italy, the restaurants of those “towns” are typically shunned by locals due to the fact that they tend to cater to tourists. Serving
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Chef Kazuto Matsusaka

CHEF KAZUTO MATSUSAKA Dina’s Thoughts As owner and executive chef of Los Angeles’ popular Beacon Restaurant, Chef Kazuto has become, in my opinion, one of the best Asian American chefs. He left his native Japan at the tender age of 22, hoping to become what
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