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It’s no secret that LA has its share of famous hotels, made all the more glamorous by Hollywood celebrities’ presence. Over the past two years though, there’s been a new kid on the hotel block, quietly usurping the Gold Standard throne in that sophisticated, classy manner that only the Ritz Carlton is capable of.

A luxury boutique hotel within a statuesque contemporary building, this particular Ritz is unlike any other I’ve had the privilege of being a guest at. Occupying only four floors of a now iconic Los Angeles blue glass building, there is a hushed sense of serenity and privacy upon entry in the simple but finely crafted lobby. The Ritz service as I have long come to adoringly call it, (and measure all others around the world by) is smooth, seamless and effortless from the moment my car doors are opened.

Whisked up to the 23rd floor, my bellman is as gracious as a best friend welcoming me into a private home after a long absence. The guest suite is, like the rest of this Ritz Carlton, unlike any other in the family. Streamlined design features uber modern fixtures and cabinets, lending a feel of stepping into a Rtiz Carlton decades into the future. The luxurious white linens on the plush bed beckoned me to a familiar but all too rare deep sleep that I fall into only at the Ritz or my own bed.

Fresh flowers, ultra thick bath towels and flattering lighting create a romantic bathroom as only the Ritz could do. One of my favorite features of the suite was the ergonomically correctly designed soaking tub encapsulated in a separate “room” with the shower adjacent behind glass doors. Any water spillage from the tub would simply drain into the shower area with no fears of impending disaster to the rest of the room. After a long, hot bath with the Bulgari amenities, it was difficult not to sit on the sofa gazing at the spectacular view of the LA skyline endlessly.

But alas, much else was left to discover at the hotel. Having had the blessing to be a guest at numerous Ritz Carltons globally, I don’t know why I am still taken aback by the stunning beauty of the Club Lounges and that infamous Gold Standard of service the Ritz has perfected. LA’s Club Lounge overlooks a vast skyline, allowing for either bright sunlight or twinkling city lights to filter through. With continuous food offerings throughout the day, one does not need to ever venture out to indulge in first class gourmet delicacies from breakfast to evening hors d’oeuvres.

There was something incredibly comforting about this particular Club Lounge though. Somewhere between the melt-in-your-mouth burrata, the cookie bar, the very nifty cappuccino machine dispensing coffee that would bring Starbucks down to its billion dollar knees and the genuine laughter shared with the Lounge staff, I fell in love with this hotel, madly, profoundly, irrevocably in love. With as much globetrotting as I have done throughout my life, it is for better or worse, true, that I’ve become somewhat spoiled, indifferent to certain levels of luxury and beauty. It is no small feat then for any hotel to create such a sense of warm comfort and safety within my spirit, one that besieged my thoughts in following days.

I did finally manage to tear myself away from the Lounge to pay a visit to the rooftop pool and Jacuzzi. Continuing with the theme of intelligent design, the pool lounge chairs were covered in fitted towels- no more annoying shifting or adjusting of flat towels to ensure that your body is resting comfortably on soft Egyptian cotton rather than on an actual (God forbid), chair. Yes ladies and gentlemen, when you see that one of a kind royal blue Lion head figure on a fitted pool chair towel, you have arrived at a new height of luxury living.

For those wanting to experience exclusive gourmet cuisine without leaving the hotel, master chef Wolfgang Puck is in residence with his signature WP24 restaurant, serving modern Chinese cuisine in a setting that can best be described as sensually contemporary Asian. Classic Peking Duck and Citrus Soy Prawns are just a few of the popular dishes at this LA landmark. To watch and be watched, have a cocktail at The Mixing Room, adjacent to WP24, where chances are, you’ll run into a celebrity or two on any given night.

While I’m perfectly content to indulge in the hotel and gorgeous spa, some may find its neighboring proximity to LA Live a huge draw. LA Live is the major entertainment center of the city, home to the infamous Nokia Theatre, Staples Centre and Regal Cinemas, which host events such as the Oscars, MTV Music Awards, American Idol, movie premiers, NBA playoffs and major music concerts. With the constant flurry of global events, it’s all the more incredulous how the Ritz Carlton LA manages to make each guest feel like royalty in a private sanctuary.

With the prominent existence of the Ritz Carlton LA, I can only wish the former luxury hotel heavyweights the best of luck in a steep uphill battle to reclaim the title of best hotel in LA. For a hotel that has the power to make me automatically run to that treasured spot in my memory of the Ritz Carlton lounge- the luxurious safe haven that makes life deliciously sweet, well, that is just priceless.

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