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Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- the most romantic getaway in Napa complete with gourmet breakfast, award winning Spa, right on the Napa river.

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- Most Romantic Getaway in Napa

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- The Most Romantic Getaway in Napa There is no more perfect a sanctuary than Milliken Creek Inn & Spa if you are searching for the ultimate in romantic luxury hideaways.  Sprawled on several acres of pristine greenery in wine country along
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Michael Czarcinski- my interview with the Managing Director of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, learning about how he worked his way up from dishwasher at a restaurant to leading one of the largest hotels in America.

Michael Czarcinski

MICHAEL CZARCINSKI DOB: n/a Birthplace: United States Occupation: Managing Director Residence: Los Angeles, CA Dina’s Thoughts As someone who has been on both sides of hospitality (having worked on hotel acquisitions and having been a lifelong patron of hotels worldwide), I am always deeply impressed when I come across
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The Lodge at Pebble Beach- One of the best hotels in America is also one where generations of families make lifetime memories.

The Lodge At Pebble Beach- Best Hotel in Carmel

The Lodge At Pebble Beach- Best Hotel in Carmel The Pebble Beach Lodge is one of those grand dames in the hotel world that upon walking through its infamous front doors flanked by pillars and jolly doormen sporting golf caps, you feel that you have
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Ritz Carlton Earns 13 Michelin Stars in 2015

Big Congrats: Ritz Carlton Earns 13 Michelin Stars in 2015 As many of you know, I’ve long been an ardent fan of Ritz Carlton, both its hotels and hotel restaurants. I was excited to hear that some of my favorite restaurants in Ritz Carlton hotels
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Aman i Khas- Glamping Like A Maharaja

Aman i Khas- Glamping Like A Maharaja If you’re anything like me, you’ve constantly fantasized about going on a safari to be able to see nature’s wildest animals at their best but you cringed at the prospect of having to go camping, (mosquitoes, snakes, lack
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Amanjiwo- the best hotel in Yogyajakarta nestled near the historic Borobudur Temple.


Amanjiwo- Best Hotel Yogyakarta An unreal dream… this best describes the experience that is Amanjiwo, one of the most spectacular man made creations in the world. Nestled in rural central Java, the main island of Indonesia, Amanjiwo is about an hour’s drive from Yogyakarta and
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Ritz Carlton Launches Chinese Website

LEGENDARY LUXURY HOTEL COMPANY TAKES CHINA BY DIGITAL STORM WITH LAUNCH OF CHINESE WEBSITE AND PRESENCE ON SINA WEIBO The Ritz-Carlton President Underlines Importance of Talking to Chinese Luxury Consumers in Video CHEVY CHASE, MD, September 11, 2013 – Following a year of comprehensive research to deepen the understanding
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Commune by the Great Wall

Commune By The Great Wall- Best Hotels in China If you’ve ever wanted to take a time machine to become part of history, this is the hotel for you. The Commune by the Great Wall is an architectural wonder with none like it in the
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The Imperial Delhi- one of the best luxury hotels in Delhi where art reigns supreme and impeccable service is the norm.

The Imperial Delhi

The Imperial Delhi- Best Hotels in India The aptly named Imperial of Delhi, is a modern day hotel offering its distinguished guests an up close encounter with a level of luxury almost lost with the good old days of genuine hospitality and respect for high standards.
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The Perfect Summer Getaway can be found in the Blue Palace Hotel in Greece where summer months are balmy, the setting is ultra romantic and there are activities galore.

Blue Palace Hotel

The Blue Palace Hotel- Best Hotels in Greece There are moments in life when you are standing somewhere, looking at the sheer beauty around you and it seems like a dream that could disappear. Blue Palace, so aptly named, is one of those glorious places
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Grand Hyatt Sao Paolo

Grand Hyatt Sao Paolo- Best Hotels in Sao Paolo In a city as steamy and busy as Sao Paulo, whether you’re here for pleasure or business, you’ll definitely need a respite from the heat and the Grand Hyatt is just the place. Modern lines and
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Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle

Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle An oasis in and of itself…the Pan Pacific hotel in Seattle welcomes guests with a quiet elegance and charming service that is second to none. Sweeping into the chic lobby greeted by gracious hotel staff felt like arriving at a familiar,
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Ritz Carlton Los Angeles- Best Hotels Los Angeles

Ritz Carlton Los Angeles- Best Hotels Los Angeles It’s no secret that LA has its share of famous hotels, made all the more glamorous by Hollywood celebrities’ presence. Over the past two years though, there’s been a new kid on the hotel block, quietly usurping
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Mandarin Oriental Munich- Of the best hotels in Munich, this is my favorite as it combines Bavarian luxury with Oriental service.

Mandarin Oriental Munich

Mandarin Oriental Munich- Best Hotels in Munich One might think that choosing a hotel in Munich whose corporate background is Asian would be odd, but few, if any other properties offer guests the best of Bavarian luxury and exceptional, detail oriented service. Located ideally on
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The Peninsula Hotel Chicago- Best Hotels In Chicago

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago- Best Hotels In Chicago Beyond a shadow of a doubt, The Peninsula is Chicago’s best hotel in all senses. Here is a property that lives up to its reputation of indulgent luxury while encouraging guests to feel unabashedly at home. Simply
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The Peninsula Hong Kong- Best Hotel in Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong- Best Hotel in Hong Kong While there may be many famous addresses in Hong Kong, none can quite compete with The Peninsula. Classic luxury meets the most sophisticated and modern technology at this hotel, offering guests the perfect combination of pampered
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