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Cantaloupe Popsicles- makes eating dessert guilt-free, these popsicles are so good and good for you.

Cantaloupe Popsicles- Best Healthy Desserts

Best Healthy Desserts- Cantaloupe Popsicles It’s important to note that in this recipe, I used this nifty little tool for popsicles called Zoku Classic Popsicle Maker. If you’re not familiar with Zoku, I strongly urge you to check them out as making popsicles will not
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Melon Boats with Overnight Oatmeal- Easy Breakfast Ideas

Melon Bowls with Overnight Oatmeal- Easy Breakfast Ideas The first time I remember having these adorable melon bowls with overnight oatmeal for breakfast was at a resort in Bali when I was a little girl. I wasn’t crazy about oatmeal back then (though I love
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Tropical Fruit Cheesecake

Tropical Fruit Cheesecake This smooth, creamy cheesecake and crumbly graham cracker crust is a smashing party favorite with its abundance of fresh, tropical fruits. Personally, I don’t think heavy, creamy cheesecake pairs with anything better than absolutely fresh berries and fruits of all kinds. The
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Frozen Cantaloupe in Strawberry Wine

Frozen Cantaloupe in Strawberry Wine While this is no doubt a fantastic and easy fruit dessert for summertime, it’s also great year round as a palate cleanser or healthy, light dessert. Incredibly easy to make, the natural sweetness of the fruits and vibrant colors make this
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Tropical Fruit with Sugar Salt Dip

  Tropical Fruit with Sugar Salt Dip- Asian Fruit Desserts Not big on heavy sweets and chocolates, Asian desserts have a large spotlight on fresh fruits whether in baked goods or in their raw form. This recipe is so easy it’s error-proof. Don’t be fooled
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